Implementing Face Detection in Android

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Face detection is an important functionality for many categories of mobile applications. It can provide additional search capabilities in photo catalogs, social applications, etc.

Face detection is also a first step in implementing face recognition functionality.

超极本™ 和平板电脑 Windows* 8 传感器开发指南


本指南为开发人员提供了面向 Windows 8.1 桌面和 Windows 商店应用的 Microsoft Windows 8.1 传感器应用编程接口 (API) 的概述并重点介绍了 Windows 8.1 桌面模式中可用的传感器功能。本开发指南对可以创建交互应用的 API 进行了总结,包括采用Windows 8.1 的加速器、磁力计和陀螺仪等常见传感器。

Windows 8.1 的编程选择

开发人员在 Windows 8.1 上对传感器进行编程时具有多种 API 选择。这种支持触控的应用环境又称作“Windows 商店应用”。Windows 商店应用可以运行那些在开发时加入了 Windows 运行时 (WinRT) 界面的软件。WinRT 传感器 API 是整个 WinRT 库的一部分。更多细节,请参见 MSDN Sensor API library

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  • Virtualens: How We Made Our Project for Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge

    September 23 at 23:59 GMT was the deadline for submission of Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge projects. We squeaked in at the last minute, and we can’t wait to know the results. Instead of going crazy waiting, I decided to write about our project and how we prepared for this contest. 

    Fair warning: this isn’t necessarily a success story. Nobody can predict if our project will succeed or not. Many things could happen that we aren’t able to anticipate. Whether we win or lose, we hope that our story will be of some use to other developers.

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