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Intel Cilk Plus runtime support on ARM

I noticed in the Intel Cilk Plus runtime library change log (, support for ARM with Intel C/C++ Compiler mainline-to-14.0 branch cutoff. Is there any possibility to use the beautiful cilk plus on the ARM architecture?

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cilk_spawn inside cilk_for


For some reason, whenever I have a spawn and sync inside a cilk_for it seems as though the spawn does not get recognized.  I end up getting a compile time error of Expected _Cilk_spawn before _Cilk_sync.  As an example consider the following (overly simple) program:

void foo(){
    cout << "foo";

void bar(){
    cout << "bar";

void baz(){
    cout << "baz";

int main(){
    cilk_for(int i-0; i<10; i++){
        cilk_spawn foo();


Cilk™ Plus Trademark License for product distribution

Dear all,

I need a help to make clear with my customer about Cilk Plus license.

I have bought a license of Intel Parallel Studio XE 2013 (contains Cilk Plus) to develop a product for my customer.

Now, my customer want to distribute the product to market.

Mustn't my customer need to buy a license because I bought it ? can you give for me some evidences to me negotiate with my customer ?


Tam Nguyen


I've been trying to understand what the implicit_index intrinsic may be intended for.  It's tricky to get adequate performance from it, and apparently not possible in some of the more obvious contexts (unless the goal is only to get a positive vectorization report).

It seems to be competitive for the usage of setting up an identity matrix.

In the context of dividing its result by 2, different treatments are required on MIC and host:

Converting Cilkview data to seconds

Hey folks,

I'm working with a system that needs the work and span of the programs I'm running in seconds and nanoseconds to run properly, and running Cilkview on them gives me work and span in processor instructions. Does anyone know of a way to convert that data from instructions to a unit of time?



Less performance on 16 core than on 4 ?!

Hi there,

I evaluated my cilk application using "taskset -c 0-(x-1) MYPROGRAM) to analyze scaling behavior.


I was very suprised to see, that the performances increases up to a number of cores but decreases afterwards.

for 2 Cores, I gain a speedup of 1,85. for 4, I gain 3.15. for 8 4.34 - but with 12 cores the performance drops down
to a speedup close to the speedup gained by 2 cores (1.99).
16 cores performe slightly better (2.11)

Exception when run project at debug mode using cilk_for

Dear all,

I have used cilk_plus to make parallel processing into my source code with visual studio 2008 IDE.

But when I build it at debug mode, the project throw an exception below:

"Run-Time Check Failure #0 - The value of ESP was not properly saved across a function call. This is usually a result of calling a function pointer declared with a different calling convention"

How can  I resolve it to make debug mode operated ?

Thanks of all,

Tam Nguyen


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