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IPS XE 2011 Update 1 hungs at phase 28 of 28

Hint shows that will take about 5 minimutes to finalize interface to VS2005 - I Cancelled after 45.
Message appear to the affects to revert installation - So far it has beenanother 45 and no sign of quitting.

How long does it takes to undo ? It would be nice to have a rough time line limitas hint.

I probably will shut the whole thing down since I believe is going nowhere.
What should I have expected during the execution of the undo step ?

nullptr in VS2010

Recently I've noticed my code failing to compile because Intel Composer does not know anything about the nullptr or nullptr_t type which was introduced into Visual Studio 2010 as a C++0x language feature.
For now i fixed it by defining nullptr=0 as a preprocessor macro but this isn't ideal.

mcpcom not found - wrong directory paths


I have just downloaded and installed Intel Parallel Studio 12 beta on my Ubuntu 10.04 amd64 machine.

However when I tried to compile my test program:

$ which icc
$ which mcpcom

$ /opt/intel/bin/icc helloworld.c
mcpcom: No such file or directory
compilation aborted for helloworld.c (code 100)

It seems that the installed has stuffed up the directories!

How can I get it working agian?



tbb::pipeline problem

The following code in simple project in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 with Intel Parallel Studio 2011 (Intel Parallel Composer 2011 beta Update 2 (Package ID: composer_2011_beta_update2.031)) always produces an error.

#include "stdafx.h"

int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[])
	tbb::pipeline* p = new tbb::pipeline;
	delete p;
	return 0;

Message dialog box:

A few issues/questions with beta (API, Excluding Waits and Missing Calls in graph).

Hi all.I have started playing with Amplifier XE yesterday and have hit a few issues questions that I might need help with. My experience with Amplifier is limited as most profiling work in the past has been done with Vtune...1) When looking at the profile data for a basic hotspot capture, all synchronization calls appear to count as busy CPU time so a large portion of time on some threads appear with WaitForObject at the top. Is there a way to exclude this or at least make sure only the real busy CPU time is reported for cases like these.

"warning LNK4020" after upgrade to "Composer 2011 beta Update 2 (package 031)"

I have a big project, that successfully compiles with Composer 2011 beta Update 1. After installing "update 2" new warnings appeared.For example:1>stdafx.obj : warning LNK4020: a type record in '***\\vc100.pdb' is corrupted; some symbols and types may not be accessible from the debuggerand the same for every compilation unit in project (where *** means full path)Now, I can't debug my project at all.I can't reproduce error in a small project, everything works good.

compile cilk++ program with icc

Hi All,

I'm not quite sure whether this question should be directed here. But, I need some help:

I downloaded the Intel Parallel Studio XE Beta for Linux program (Intel 64 version), and installed it on my Ubuntu 10.04 system. The installation seems quite smooth and I saw the /opt/intel/bin/icc, ifort, ...

But when I use it to compile my CILK++ program from command line, such as:

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