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ifortvars problem


I installed the compiler (version 9.0.031) on Fedora Core 4 and the script doesn't seem to help. I can run it from a terminal command line and then invoke the compiler. The "command not found" error occurs. I am aware that FC4 is ont officially supported, but others in this forum have apparently gotten it to work. What should i check?


Compiling ifort with AMD machines

Hi all,

We have two AMD boxes with Fedora Core and ifort as the main
compiler. One box is old 32-bit and the other is a shiny
64-bit opteron.

If you code does not address much memory (it only
needs cpu power), is there any real advantage to compile it using
one particular box ? In other words, should we expect *much*
performance differences form these two scenarios :

a. compile the code on the 32 bit machine and execute it on the
64 bit.

b. compile and run the code on the 64 bit box.


I want to write a double precision number to a file and to read it again later.

Precision is very important and I want to get EXACTLY the same value when reading. I use format(...g) but it seems that sometimes the value is not the same. What format option have I to use?

I use formatted files.

Thanks in advance.

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Quad precision (real*16) accuracy problems


The quadruple precision available in ifort-9.0 is supposed to
be a IEEE-style floating point format with 113 bits of accuracy, right?

It seems that sometimes it doesn't seem to have the full 113 bits
of accuracy; the following program finds the smallest i such that
fl(2^i + 1) - 2^i != 1, but if fails around i = 81 already.

Is there a but in the quad precision emulation somewhere?

problem using -ipo linking with ICC object files

I've been using ICC to build seti@home for a while and think I know -ipo with ICC well.

Now I'm building scilab (available with Intel Fortran and C++ compilers. I can build it with -ip flag with IFORT/ICC, but when I change -ip flag(s) to -ipo, linking fails with

ld: /tmp/ipo_ifortUx2MaC.o: No such file: No such file or directory

error. Does it mean IPO with mixed environment of IFORT/ICC is impossible? My options for ICC/IFORT are almost the same

Linspire 5.0 Installation

Good morning,

I am new to the Linux world and have begun using Linspire 5.0. I'd like to try the Intel FORTRAN compiler on that system, but I cannot get it to install. I can run the script, but it won't let me choose any of the options. If I close that session and try again, the OS tells me there is another instance of the script already running. Has anyone tried to install and usethis compiler on Linspire?


Internal compiler error

Hi There
I am tring to compile wrf using intel fortran compiler v9.0 and it is crushing in the same time i have no problems to compile the wrf using pgi fortran compiler any help is wellcome

env settings:
source /opt/intel/fc/9.0/bin/
source /opt/intel/idb/9.0/bin/

export FC=ifort
export FFLAGS="-g -O2 -mp -recursive"
export CPPFLAGS="-DpgiFortran"
export CC=gcc
export F90=ifort
export CXX=g++
export F90FLAGS="-g -O2 -mp -recursive"
export CXXFLAGS="-g -02"

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