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IVF 10.0 Static Verifier

From the post by Ron Green (pp Steve Lionel) announcing IVF 10

"- Static Verifier builds upon the compiler's interprocedural analysis capability to provide whole-program detection of errors including routine mismatches, variable misuse, OpenMP directive errors and more"

One of my colleagues is currently looking at the new IVF 10 release.

Memory and ifort


I have a Compaq Presario R4225CA laptop. I upgraded the RAM to 2GB with 2 pieces of 1GB PC2700 (KVR333SO1GR) memory.

I have a 2GB swap file on the hard disk and I need to run a program with more than 2GB memory on Linux in 64-bit Gentoo Core. What kind of option I have to use when I perform a compilation with the "ifort" command?

If my code occupies more than 2 GB the compilation is not successful.

Thanks for any information you can provide.

what compiler flags to use

Hi, I used the 8.1 compiler with the following flags (on an Itanium):

-O3 -fno-alias -mP2OPT_hlo_loadpair=F -mP2OPT_hlo_prefetch=F
-mP2OPT_hlo_loop_unroll_factor=2 -mP3OPT_ecg_mm_fp_ld_latency=8
-opt_report_fileopt_report -opt_report -opt_report_phase ecg_swp
-ivdep_parallel -i4

and had my code running at 20% of peak performance as measured using
the hardware counters. If I just used -O3 or did anything but remove
the report generation I just made the code worse.

Pointer inhereting the index bounds of the array it points to

In a situation like this



then I get

Is there any way to have p such that

LBOUND(p)=-3 and UBOUND (p)=3.

On the other hand, LBOUND(t,1) is -3. Is there any way that p can inherit the lower and upper bound of the targeted array, when it points to a subset of the array?

Thank you

ERROR WITH IFORT: conflicting attirbutes!!!!

Hi all,

I wrote a code with a include file :

integer nevas,neqns

integer nelem


integer nnods

parameter (nnods=2)


I'm compiling it with ifort but I have this error:

fortcom: Error:, line 6 : Conflicting attributes or multiple declaration of name.

I controlled my code and I haven't define nelem in the code too, so I think that the error is due to a conflicting attributes...but I can understand how.

Can you help me, please????

Introducing the Intel Fortran Compilers version 10.0

[A note from Steve: I've asked Ron Green to post this for me because, well, I'm not here! Intel had the audacity to schedule the release of the 10.0 compilers during my vacation, where I'll be without network access for most of the time. So, I prepared this text in advance and hope you'll understand why I don't respond to questions right away!]

Non commercial Intel Fortran Compiler for Mac OS X

Does Intel provide free download for non commercial use of the fortran compiler for Mac OS X ? If so, can anyone provide the link? The page I visited only provides for Linux.

I am a student and the student pricing is still on the higher end for me to be able to buy the product for academic use.

Any help is appreciated.

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