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How to get detail conversion of ippiYCbCr422ToBGR_8u_C2C3R ?

Hello everyone, 

I would like to do image processing and need to know the detail of ippiYCbCr422ToBGR_8u_C2C3R.

such as 

Y'= 0.299*R' + 0.587*G' + 0.114*B'

U'= -0.147*R' - 0.289*G' + 0.436*B' = 0.492*(B'- Y') V'= 0.615*R' - 0.515*G' - 0.100*B' = 0.877*(R'- Y') R' = Y' + 1.140*V'

G' = Y' - 0.394*U' - 0.581*V' )

Is anyone can help me ? thanks


ippConv; Separable filter

Does ippiConv internally perform a separable filter if the kernel parameters allow it?

I have implemented convolution using both ippiConv and ippiFilterRowBorderPipeline_32f_C1R, ippiFilterColumnPipeline_32f_C1R. I have implemented convolution using the above as both a single threaded version and multi-threaded (by breaking the convolution up into chunks).

In all cases ippiConv is faster than the by calling the ippiFilterRow/Column pair.

I didn't expect ippiConv to handle the separable case. I expected the  ippiFilterRow/Column pair to be faster. 

How to copy pixels using a raster?

Let say there is a 7x5 matrix (16-bit image) with the following values, and a raster with equdistant length of 3 pixels between the lines. So I want to copy every 3rd value into a new 3x2 matrix



 0  3  6
21 24 27

I tried ippiCopySubpix_16u_C1R  but it does not seem to be the correct function. Do you have any ideas how to solve it? I'm using IPP 5.2.


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