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Cryptography 8.2

I have the main IPP installation package (Windows):

w_ipp_8.2.2.208 (and .148)

The latest cryptography package is


This package will not install, because it requests to install IPP first ... but I cannot find that anywhere


Please help

Need ippSC functions removed in 9.0

I just upgraded my Parallel Studio XE to 2016 and there was no longer an option for including the ippSC functions.

Can I get the missing ippSC functions for 9.0 or can I downgrade just IPP back to 8.2?

I can't find a download link for IPP 8.2 with update 2 anymore.  Is there a way I can download the latest IPP that still had ippSC?



I am using IPP G729 functions in my application The application is developed on Linux 64 bit platform. 

We have observed different results when running the  ippsDecodeAdaptiveVector function between the 32-bit and the 64-bit version of the IPP libraries.
Specifically we are calling:  ippsDecodeAdaptiveVector_G729_32f_I.     

We are currently running IPP 8.2 Update 1, for Linux.

The binary results differ between the 32 and 64 bit libraries.  Is this expected? 


platform toolset V120_xp with IPP

Hi all !

I'm working with visual studio 2013.

My project need to be WINDOWS XP compliant, thus I need to set the visual studio project option "Platform Toolset" to the value "V120_xp".

But, If i use the "V120_xp", the "Intel performance libraries" option disappears and I can't choose to use IPP libraries in my Visual Studio project.

I would like to know if the IPP option is not present because of some known issues between IPP and V120_xp or it is only a bug of the IPP Visual Studio integration.



Old new license

Hi all,

My question is quite unusual,

2 years ago I asked our management for IPP license specially for my PC, but I received negative answer.
Yesterday I received a message from our IT department that IPP license for me has been bought...   But it appeared that they did it one year ago (08.2014) and forgot about it successfully.
As a result we have Intel license (*.lic file) for Intel Parallel Studio XE Composer Edition for Windows from 08.2014.
I'd like to enable this license.

My questions are:

ippiConvFull_32f_C1R error in IPP7.0

Hi, I test ippiConvFull_32f_C1R under VS2010 and IPP 7.0 on my computer. The cpu

is i5-3470 CPU@3.20GHz. 

I find when the kernel size is larger than 10*10, then the result is not correct. the code as follows:

    int   nWidth = 81;
    int   nHeight = 80;
    float *pfsrc = new float[nWidth*nHeight];

    for(int i = 0; i < nWidth*nHeight; i++)
        pfsrc[i] = i;

    int nKWidth = 11;
    int nKHeight = 11;
    float psKernel[200];

Project migration from IPP 8.x to IPP 9.0 -- need help on replacing removed functionality

Starting with IPP 9.0, Intel has completely removed all JPEG-related functions including Huffman and color space conversions. Color space conversions I can handle on my own, but I am not in the mood to implement multi-threaded JPEG and Huffman parts from scratch. I had a working solution with UIC and IPP 8.x, now I have a broken build.

Sure, I can choose between staying on 8.x and miss on all performance improvements for new CPUs and all bugfixes / new features and upgrading to 9.0 while losing the most important part of my image viewer application -- (fast) JPEG decoding.

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