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decompress using IPP

I have compressed images (JPEG 2000 lossless). I need to decompress it using IPP 4.0. There are following functions in IPP 4.0.

Functions for JPEG coding:

Color Conversion Functions

Combined Color Conversion Functions

Quantization Functions

Combined DCT Functions

Level Shift Functions

Sampling Functions

Planar-to-Pixel and Pixel-to-Planar Conversion Functions

Huffman Codec Functions

Functions for JPEG2000 coding:

Wavelet Transform Functions

H.264 support in IPP Version 4.1


We are using ipps for H.264 decoder. We found a problemwhile integrating ippiInterpolateLuma. It crashes if the source pointer is aligned to 16byte address, width and height are 16 (roi) and destination address is not aligned to 16 bytememory.
This results in a constraint in the usage. will this be resolved in next version?


MPEG2 Decoder Sample BUG ?!?!

Hi everyone and sorry my english.

I'm testing the MPEG2Decoder IPP app. and I have found a bug with the files longer thant 1GB aprox. Well, the problem is in the bitstream.c, when the MapViewOfFile file on the BitstreamOpen function. When it fails it tryes to map it in blocks of 188 MB but only map one bloc. When this block finish no other block of the source file is mapped and the decoder finish.

Has everybody found any solution to this problem?

Performance of FPU emulation

I am looking ta using the IXP465 in a project where I would have ideally wanted a FPU. Could any one point me in the direction of some benchmarks for the performance of the xscale using the fixed point libraries compared to using a real FPU ? i.e. how much cpu time/performance can I expect to lose.


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