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problems with ippiSet


i have serious problems using ipp. there are strange effects going on. i tested it with the attached code, in which i allocate an image, set the pixels manualy and after that set the pixels with ippiSet. the output is:

( 1 2 3 ) ( 1 2 3 ) ( 1 2 3 )
( 1 2 3 ) ( 6 6 6 ) ( 6 6 42 )

but should be

( 1 2 3 ) ( 1 2 3 ) ( 1 2 3 )
( 1 2 3 ) ( 1 2 3 ) ( 1 2 3 )

(because of
ippiSet_8u_C3R( data, bla, _t_nChannels, blaSize ); )

ipp incomplete !

hi all
I have a loud complaint to make
why is the ippi so incomplete ?
when ever I try to make a template for different data types I get stack time and time again - an example :
try to make a matrixMIN function :
if your data is 8u,16s or 32f you can use : ippiMin_8u_C1R,ippiMin_16s_C1R,andippiMin_32f_C1R accordingly
what do you do if your data is 8s,16u or 32u32s ?

don't tell me you could not have completed the set ?
and this is an example - it happens all the time !!!
am I missing something here ?

please do not confuse the newbies

code from ippiman.pdf (page 73 of 1264, or 4-5):

IppiSize rroi = {5,4};
Ipp32f x[5*4];
Ipp8u y[5*4];
ippiSet_32f_C1R( -1.0f, x, 5, rroi );

someone in a hurry, actually used this code sample, and got a headache ...
I will not tell you who, though ... :smileywink:

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Problem about the "DV-decode" sample

I download the "DV-decode" sample from Intel site,it use IPP functions to decode dv frame.I foundit decode a frame need about 10ms,it is too long,the time of the "ms dv decoder" in DirectShow only 7-8ms.But I also found the CPU usage ofit is very low(my computer is P4 3.0G,the CPU usage is about 3%-4%),it puzzled me,the time it use is longer than the "ms dv decoder",but the CPU usage is lower,why?How is the performanceof the sample?Is it faster than the "ms dv decoder"?

IPP Runtime Install Fails on German Language Version of XP

I am trying to use the setup.exe provided in the folder tools
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Want IPP Performance data? - Learn to use IPP Performance test tool!

Here is a white paper to introduce a powerful performance test tool packaged inside the Intel IPP library and demonstrates how you can use this tool to test the performance of each Intel IPP function on various Intel Pentium and Itaniumprocessor systems.

And let us knowyour feedback about this tool.


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