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** Segmentation violation signal raised. **

IMO this is a dupe, but I cannot find in the mailing list folder the original post. I'm sorry.

ICC 16.0 (latest up-to-date), MSVC 2015, x64; MSVC 2013 works fine

When I compile my project I get random failures:

2> c_gui_morse.cpp
2>": : error : ** The compiler has encountered an unexpected problem.
2> ** Segmentation violation signal raised. **
2> Access violation or stack overflow. Please contact Intel Support for assistance.
2> c_box_schmitt.cpp
2> c_conn_keeper.cpp


assertion failed: select_overloaded_copy_constructor: NULL constructor


ICC 16.0 (up-to-date), Windows 10, MSVC 2013, x64

I was trying so hard (like 3 hours) to make a reproducer, but I failed.

ICC 15 compiles okay, while ICC 16.0 (final version) gives compiler error:

error : assertion failed: select_overloaded_copy_constructor: NULL constructor (shared/cfe/edgcpfe/overload.c, line 25761)

the templated class is:

How can I work with local arrays and threads

Hi All!

I have VS2013+Intel Parallel Studio XE 2015+TBB 4.3

My current code has many functions that has local stack allocations by exampe

void fnc() {

  int arr[1024];



when I started use fnc() in parallel for (it is some form of parallel execution) I got bad concurrent perfomance according to VTune analyser

Const data Globally Declared in 'c' is getting allocated in DATA REGION but not in the RODATA region. Any Solutions?

Hi Team,

I have written two test cases, example1.c and example2.c




const char buf[11]="HelloWorld";

int foo(int value){
     return (value + 1);

Parallel Studio 2013 SP1 on Ubuntu 14.04

Hello all,

I have Intel Parallel Studio 2013 SP1 and have been using this compiler on my Ubuntu 12.04 machine without any problems. Now for a new machine, which has Ubuntu 14.04 on it, I want to install the Parallel Studio. However I cannot succeded because the installation prompts that the OS is an unsupported one.

How can I use Parallel Studio 2013 SP1 on Ubuntu 14.04.


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