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OS X 32bit + inline assembler = broken shared library

I've found a bug in OS X version of Intel C++ compiler when compiling shared 32bit library with inline msasm code in it. The problem is that compiler fails to produce either PIC code or text relocation for inline assembler referencing global or static variables which results in wrong memory address being referenced. Here's minimal test case (also attached for your convenience):


void f(void);


#include "header.h"
int main() {
	return 0;


32-bit libraries not found

As I was installing Intel Parallel Studio Linux C++.  It says:

32-bit libraries not found
32-bit libraries not found on this system.
This product release requires the presence of 32-bit compatibility libraries when running on Intel(R) 64 architecture systems. One or more of these libraries could not be found:
libstdc++ (including libstdc++6)
Without these libraries, the compiler and the debugger will not function properly. Please refer to Release Notes for more information.


Imperfect Loop Unroll-Jammed by 2 (pre-vector)

Hi, I am optimizing an application. I am facing the below warning message in xxx.optrpt file.

(I gave -qopt-report=5 option.)

      remark #25461: Imperfect Loop Unroll-Jammed by 2   (pre-vector)

What would be the general requirements of perfect loop unroll-jamming?

I don't see any kinds of explanations about this warning in icc reference manual.

Also, what is the meaning of (pre-vector)? 

I am using icc 15.0.2 and unfortunately, I cannot upload the code here because it is very complex and large code.



icc 15.0.3 cannot compile std::vector<double> constructor with headers from gcc 5.1.1

The following simple program doesn't compile with icc 15.0.3 on Fedora 22.  It does work on Fedora 20.  I think the main difference is that Fedora 22 is using gcc 5.1.1, which is where the header files come from.  In contrast Fedora 20 uses gcc 4.8.3.


I don't know how to interpret the error message.


$ cat
#include <vector>

stringstream bug


In my program writing in C++, I use a few functions that use stringstream classes.

I do not have any problems with compilation of  my program by Visual Studio 2013 and Intel Parallel Studio 2013.

The same program I tried using  Visual Studio 2015 and Intel Parallel Studio 2015 XE Update 4.

I do not have any problems with compilation of  my program by MS compiler but when try to use Intel C++ compiler I get only one error:

1>": : error : ** The compiler has encountered an unexpected problem.

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