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Visual Studio 2015 integration


I had Visual Studio 2012 on Windows 2012 server installed with Intel C/C++ composer 2013 edition - all working fine for years.

I then recently purchased an upgrade to Intel PS XE 2016 Cluster edition, installed it with VS2012 addon option - all working fine. I can now compile my VS2012 projects using Intel C/C++ 2016. 

I then installed Visual Studio 2015 Community. The installation succeeded (and I remembered to include Visual C++ tools). The problem is now:

Schedule for C++14 support

Hi folks,

From I know that at least some C++14 features are supported by the 16.0 version of the C++ compiler. I was wondering if there is a (tentative) schedule available that shows when the remaining C++14 features will be implemented?



Compiling python 2.7.10 using intel 2016 compiler on OSX 10.10

I'm trying to compile python 2.7.10 using ICC 16.0.0 20150803, on OSX 10.10. I have xcode commandlinetools installed in /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools

Running make works fine, but during make install I run into the following error:

icc -g -O2 -fno-strict-aliasing -fno-common -dynamic -DNDEBUG -g  -O3 -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes -o FileSettings.o -c ./FileSettings.m
clang: error: argument to '-isysroot' is missing (expected 1 value)
problem occurred when compiling './FileSettings.m' with the clang compiler (code 1)
make: *** [FileSettings.o] Error 1

Compile error with "cin >> a >> b" with intel c++ compile in release version

When I use the intel C++ compiler with VS2015 to compile a release version, it will fail. But when I compile a debug version, it work. I can't understand what happen. It the configure have some wrong? The error list is in below. How can I do?

[Bug Report] miscompiles static locals of function template instantiations icpc (ICC) 15.0.3 20150407

Using boost::function with functors defined in local namespaces of TUs is currently broken if the functor is a class that has the same name in multiple TUs, because boost::function uses static locals in its implementations. We were able to reduce the problem to the following testcase

    template<typename T>
    int f(T) { static int x = T::x; return x; }

    namespace { struct A { static const int x = 1; }; }
    int f1() {
       return f(A());

Build Boost 1.59 with Intel 16.0 (I have parallel studio 2016 professional)

I'm using parallel studio 2016 professional and visual studio 2015.

Boost seem not to be able to find my Intel Compiler when I I run bootstrap.bat. I will only adds "MSVC" and not the Intel compiler.

How can I get it to use the Intel compiler?

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