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Switching back to vc++: Cannot get rid of /fast option

I've been experimenting with the Intel compiler for the past few weeks, and decided to go back to the VC++ compiler.  I right clicked on the solution and selected "use vc++" compiler.  Tried to build, and got a bunch of warnings about "ignoring unknown option /fast".  I uninstalled the Intel compiler, completely blew away the development directly, got latest from source control, and the warnings are still there.  I searched all of the files in the dev directory (including property sheets and project settings) for the /dev flag.  Nothing. 

VADDSSL instruction?

Dear Intel developers,

I'm using intel 15 on E5-2670 processor. Analyzing my code by using Vtune, in a particolar line when I unpack a m128 type in order to sum in a single floating point each elements like horizontal sum, like this:


_mm_store_ps(denom_arr_tmp, denom_tmp);

 semblance[m_local] += denom_arr_tmp[0]+denom_arr_tmp[1]+denom_arr_tmp[2]+denom_arr_tmp[3];


The assembly generated is:

Initialized Lambda Capture

According to ICC15 should support initialized lambda captures. Yet code like this





*this = make([f, theLocalData = std::move(theLocalData)] {

fails to compile:

error: expected a "]"

1>        *this = make([f, theLocalData = std::move(theLocalData)] {

1>                                      ^


Converting Mixed C/Fortran from MSV2008 to MSV2012, C2065 errors

I'm in process of converting from Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 to MSV2012 for my mixed code, C and FORTRAN application.

The code compiles and executes perfectly for MSV2008 but I receive many, many error messages for the C portion of my code

when I try to compile using MSV2012 wrapper.

The compiler does not like the line:

int _stdcall OPEN_MATLAB(name,ll)

The first couple of error messages are :

1>Source\matlab.c(38): error C2065: 'name' : undeclared identifier

1>Source\matlab.c(38): error C2065: 'll' : undeclared identifier

Getting xilink: : error #10014 on a large VS Solution with /fast

I'm trying to get a very large Visual Studio 2013 solution to compile (100+ big projects).   All of the projects are being compiled with the /fast flag.  After waiting around 20-30 minutes for the solution to compile, the linker chokes with:

xilink: : error #10014: problem during multi-file optimization compilation (code 1)

I can see the RAM usage in Task Manager, increasing very quickly when linker starts running.  It runs up to +2gb, and then drops back to where it was before.  This is on a system running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit with 16gb of RAM and an Intel 3770.

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