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problem with eclipse for Intel C++ under Fedora Core 4

Sorry for may be trivial question. Understand it is not specific for Intel compiler itself, but...

I can not invoke eclipse IDE for Intel C++ 9.0 distributive under Fedora Core 4 / VMware Workstation 4.5. Installation process is ok. Command line is ok, but iccec and eclipse reports the following:

# /opt/intel/cc/9.0/bin/iccec

/opt/intel/eclipsepackage/3.0.1/eclipse/eclipse: error while loading shared libr aries: /opt/intel/eclipsepackage/3.0.1/eclipse/ cannot restore segment prot after reloc: Permission denied

How to verify if SSP worked?

I was evaluating Intel C++ compiler 9.0 with VTune 7.2 on windows, and am trying to use SSP (speculative precomputation).

As per the help files, SSP build is a 5 step process, I am using the following options...

1. Build with -Qprof-genx -Qprof-dirc:profdata
2. Test Runs on representative data

.dyn files are created nicely in c:profdata

3. I clean the previous objs and exe, and build again with -O3 -Qipo -Qprof-use -Qprof-gen-sampling -Qprof-dirc:profdata

IA64 optimization problem


I found that following program dumps core if it is optimized with
Intel C++ Compiler 9.0 on IA64.
It dumps core only if optimization is enabled.

Is there any workaround for this problem?> icc --version
icc (ICC) 9.0  20051020
Copyright (C) 1985-2005 Intel Corporation.  All rights reserved.

I used icc on HP TestDrive.

Intel C++ OpenMP using large amounts of virtual memory (1GB+)


I have a very simple OpenMP C++ application which uses the typical serial -> fork_2_threads -> join -> serial -> fork_2_threads parallelisation model.

The OpenMP section looks like this..

int i;

#pragma omp parallel default(shared) private(i)
#pragma omp for schedule(dynamic)
for(i=0; i<100; i++) {

Intel Cross Compiler 2.0.3: Debugger Extension Support for PXA270

Hello there,

I am using Intel C++Cross compiler 2.0.3 for eMbedded Visual C++ on a custom PXA270 processor andWinCE 5.0 operating system.

Afterinstalling this cross compiler on the host computer, i got the options "Intel Debugging Extensions" in eVC++. And able to compile appications too. But, upon connecting the target to host (via USB activesync connection), and when i chose my device in the "Intel Debugging Extensions" dialog window, an error pops up saying "The CE device connected is not enabled for Debugging Extensions".

keywords auto and decltype etc...

Hi all,

Do the keywords 'auto' and 'decltype' already have been introduced? - as proposed in
- for easier use of template expressions!!

If yes, could you please tell me where to find this information?
Which compiler flags help me to make them function. From which compiler version?
If no, is it planned? When can I expect this addition?

thank you for your time.

kind regards


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