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Application crashing on flush()


I am encountering a strange problem with my application which is mixed FORTRAN and C++.

I use Intel FORTRAN and C++ to compile my executable (os.exe) . This executable makes a system() call to another executable (osm_solve; GNU compiled) which loads a DLL (; also mixed FORTRAN and C++). The DLL is compiled with GNU compilers.

When the executable is built on a RedHAT8 system with Intel 8.1 or 9.0 compilers, the application crashes in the DLL (almost as soon as it is loaded).

Free seminar on Intel(R) Software Development Tools

Seminar overview:

Intel is hosting a FREE seminar on Intel Software Development Tools.

When: Tuesday, May 23, 2006 from 8:30 am to 4 pm EST

Where: Intel Hudson, Ma.

How to register: Contact Bob Bergeron or Frank Terlecki. 978 266 3878 781 826 2697

Directions will be provided upon registration.

Cannot download update from

Dear all,

I am trying the last few days to download the latest update of the Intel C++ compiler, available at I login without any problem, go to "File Downloads", select the Intel C++ compiler and try to download the file "l_cc_c_9.0.032_ia32.tar.gz". The download starts, but it always stops at some point with the message:

"~/l_cc_c_9.0.032_ia32.tar.gz.part could not be saved, because the source file could not be read. Try again later or contact the server administrator."

Intel c++ slow newing classes inheriting from templated class


Given some code like this where a class inherits from a template class, the intel c++ compiler is about 100 times slower than g++ at newing an array:

class A {

class B : public T{

void someFunction {
int numPixels = 1000000;
B * newPixels = new B[numPixels];

can't vectorize OpenMP version


I have this simple code and I would like to be able to parallelize as well as vectorize the loops.

It seems that if I use OpenMP the vectorization doesn't happen, while using -parallel works.

Is there any switch / #pragma that could help with that?



cat compilerTest.cxx
using namespace std;

double random_number(){
return rand()/((double)RAND_MAX + 1);

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