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VTune on VMWare???

The IT department at work has caught the VMWare religion, and loves virtual servers to the point where one really has to justify the purchase of a real piece of hardware.

We would like to use VTune, and dedicating a box to it would seem to be a good idea (wouldn't want my websurfing to skew performance numbers). IT would like to know why this dedicated box couldn't be a virtual one.

Problems getting logs with vtlxsc or rmtsvr

Hi all,

I tried to use rmtsvr combined with XscVTuneHostDC.exe to get logs for Vtune Analyser (SRDC mode). On thetarget side, when I stop the sampling, I get a segmentation fault errorand on the host side the XscVTuneHostDC freezes.

Ialso tried TLDC mode using vtlxsc on the target. I do the following commands :
-vtlxsc activity myactivity
- vtlxsc start

Bu then nothing happens. Log files are generated but I can not convert them into tb5.

I get the following error message :

Problem in viewing Source file for Network Driver

I am using Vtune for measuring the performance of my network driver.
I am able to get the sampling view but not able to see the source and individual functions of the same. I am using XP DDK to compile and build my driver. Any Idea how to resolve this problem?

VTune on FC4?

Has anyone gotten vtune working on Fedora Core 4? We have it installed, but every time someone does a sampling run, the machine hangs and has to be rebooted. I can't find anything useful in the logs, where does vtune log?

"Most Active Functions In Your System" instead of My Application.

May be it's stupid question.
I read First Use pdf FAQ, and try to repead.
But always vtune show me Most Active Functions In Your System instead of my application. On link "All other function" show nothing. But at down of summary wrote
"Command executed: /opt/intel/vtune/samples/gsexample/gsexample2a datafile.txt 10000 " ..
But I need measure perfomance of my application.
what have I to do?

Multiple sampling runs without restarting application?

I have a graphical application that takes about 20 seconds to start up and another 20 seconds to put into a state where I want profiling to occur. I am try to collect statistics for 12 callibration and 12 sampling runs, but I don't want Vtune to keep restarting the application for each sampling run. Rather, what I want to do is start my application, then have vtune run through all 20 or so sampling runs one after another.

This is what I have tried so far:

1) Open Advanced Activity Configuration

Re installing

I had an install running just fine on a Fedora Core 4 server. We had a problem with the group permissions and decided to just re-install. However, the uninstall script ( was deleted before I could run it. Now, I can't install again, the install keeps failing with:
./.././data/ line 1292: /usr/local/Intel/vtune/bin/clscripts.common: No such file or directory

How can I do a complete re-install? Help! Thanks.

I find two different files after VTune installation.


I just did a complete VTune 8.0 installation on Linux. After it is done, I found there are sampling files. One is under /opt/intel/vtune/analyzer/bin and the other is under /opt/intel/vtune/rdc/analyzer/bin. The file date for these two files are different.

My question: will these two sampling library files cause problems? why are there two files?



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