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Using Vtune with Free Pascal compiler


I tried Vtune to profile programs written with Free Pascal. While obviously
this isn't a supported configuration, as developer of Free Pascal I'd like
to investigate what tools work with it. The executables it generates aren't
that different from executables generated by GCC, so there is no reason why
it shouldn't work.

Test configuration:
VTune 3.0
Free Pascal 2.0.0
IBM Java JRE 1.4.2

Test object to profile: theap.pp from the testsuite.

a problem in vtune for linux 1.0 on redhat8.0

Ihave installed the VTune Performance Analysis 1.1 for Linux in Redhat8.0.
But I can't run any activity.
For example, I use command: vtl activity -c sampling run
The infoomation it give out:

The Activity is running.
Fri May 27 23:02:13 2005 localhost (Run 0) The sampling Collector is calibrating its collection parameters for the following event(s): Instructions Retired, Clockticks.

Fri May 27 23:02:13 2005 localhost (Run 0) The sampling Collector iscollecting samples based on the following event(s): Instructions Retired, Clockticks.

Is VTune can support Longhorn?


We are development driver on MicroSoft new OS Longhorn, and we foundVTune can't work on it.

Here is the testing state.
VTune 5.0 not support OS
VTune 6.1 after install and reboot then blue screen
VTune 7.0 after install and reboot then blue screen
VTune 7.2 we don't have it yet

Is VTune can support Longhorn now? Or did you have plan about Longhorn? Thanks for your help.

Java Applet Profiling. Unable to see user class informations


I am trying to profile simple Java applets. To get call graph, I used call graph wizard and chose java profiling next and set "appletviewer" as a program to launch. Finally as a java applet starting page, I typed in the "htm" file that calls the applet.

VTune runs and gives call graph but it is all about appletviewer and cannot find any information about my applet class. Can anybody help me?



can anyone suggest me what might be the problem during installation of remote data collector in pocket pc 2002.The device is ipaq.I have installed rdc in pocket pc but when i select data collector in pocket pc a mssg "initialize failed" comes.

kindly suggest me if u have come across this before.

Problem with VTRemoteSvr.exe on HP iPaq 4150

Hi there,

I am currently trying to get Vtune 7.1 to work on my HP iPaq 4150, which has an Intel PXA255 chip.

The installation process is ok, and the Pocket PC 2002 binaries were downloaded into the iPaq. However, when I try to execute VTRemoteSvr.exe, I received the following error msg.

'VTRemoteSvr.exe' is not a valid Pocket PC application.

What could be the problem? Please advise!

PrintCpuInfo32: error while loading shared libraries:

looking for a pointer on how to resolve the error reporting that can't be found when it is present in /opt/intel/vtune/shared/bin and this directory is included in $LD_LIBRARY_PATH. To confirm access, I successfully copied this file to my home directory.

The script vtl.calls echos the path and attempts to call profilean executable.

more vtl.calls
vtl activity -c callgraph -app $HOME/Fortran/MATMUL/matmul.81 -moi $HOME/Fortran/MATMUL/matmul.81
vtl view -gui -calls

Very low IPC


I have done several profiling attempts of mysql on a dual irwindale CPU, but each time i get a very high CPI (==>low IPC).
It is even lower then the profiling run on the older dual galattin i am testing.
Can somebody see my mistake, an excel sheet of the profiling run plus CPI/IPC can be found here:

With regards

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