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sample collector failed to collect data because the selected event(s) doesnot occur

I am running Vtune 3.0 for linux on fedora core 1
I am using the vtlec for EBS data collection
It was running all fine until a while ago
where it started displaying error messages
"sample collector failed to collect data because the selected event(s) doesnot occur"
for 9 of the Events i selected
i have a program which runs for 15 mins

what gone wrong

Moderator, I hope a quick reply


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Callgraph profiling with custom setjmp/longjmp functions

I'm profiling a program on Windows that implements custom routines that do effectively the same thing as setjmp/longjmp. Callgraph profiling doesn't work at all in this case. The first longjmp results in a crash. Is this to be expected? Is there some way to workaround this issue?

I'm guessing that VTune recognizes the OS setjmp/longjmp and has special handling.

Instructions retired per function through command line

I am trying to get the total no of Instructions retired for my program t.bat by running vtune through command line.
I tried with sampling option as " vtl activity -d 100 -c sampling -app t.bat -moit.bat run"
vtl views a1::r1 gives me total no of Instructions retired for t.bat
But I need it function wise (executed)

I tried to execute Call Graph as "vtl activity -c Call Graph -app t.bat -moi t.bat run", it failed saying Invalid data collector where as vtl query -lc shows Call Graph as valid data collector.

vtlec fails with blank error and a red stop sign

I installed the demo version of Vtune 7.2 on Red Hat ES V3 (2.4.21-32.0.1.ELsmp). I can run vtl, but when I run vtlec, a window pops up that has a banner that says "Error", a red stop sign with an white X in it, and a button that says "OK". I ckick OK and it all goes away and I'm back to the bash prompt.

Any quesses on what might be wrong? Also, where exactly does the license file go?


Exporting Results out of Vtune.

I have run a gazillion experiments on Vtune and I want to get the results in a presentable format like powerpoint/Excel or their counterparts in Openoffice, is that possible?,

I have seen a post where some said he got the results from Vtune to Excel but I dodn't know if that was through a text based file out of vtl which means I will have to rerun all my experiments and I think there should be an easy way of doing this since most of the results are already there in vtlec in tabular format already,

Also, how can I export call graph diagrams?

Scripting for running automated Vtune experiments.

I have 40 test cases that I want to push through Vtune and I want to get their callgraphs on the same peice of code.

I currently do that manually with vtlec.

I have used vtl before but I wonder is there a way where I can save the output result of vtl and then just view it with vtlec later on.

Thank you guys very much.


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