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: undefined reference to `vmldSinCos2'


I am trying to compile an electronic band structure program on p4-ifc-linux.

I have installed mkl 7.2.1, and fftw 3.0.1.
Below is the entry in the Makefile that include BLAS:

BLAS=-L/opt/intel/mkl721/lib/32 -lmkl_p4 -lguide

And this is the line that include FFT3D:

FFT3D = fftw3d.o fft3dlib.o /usr/lib/libfftw3.a

I encounter the following link error:

Segmentation fault from vtune server during calibration

Hi -

I'm trying to set up a remote session using VTune/vdk on Linux, Red Hat 9.0, kernel 2.4.18, and Windows XP Professional. The kernel is from 7.3 and is listed as supported by the release notes. Both machines are Intel CPU's, 32-bit systems.

I have built the custom kernel module (I have a slightly customized kernel), insmod'd it with the insmod script, and started the VTune server. It starts correctly and listens. There are no errors, warnings, etc. that either the driver or the server is unhappy.

Remote VTune on W2K


I'm using VTune 7.2 running the client on XP Pro SP2. I installed the remote client on a W2K as well as an XP machine. I'm able to get a sampling from the XP machine, but the W2K machine doesn't seem to do anything. I launch the activity and in a few seconds VTune is back to normally as if I didn't do anything - no messages, no warnings about missing samples, etc. Any ideas?

Windows XP x64 BSOD

I am trying to run VTune 7.2.034 on a Windows XP x64 Pro machine (dual Intel Xeon EM64T). After installing the software I started getting random Blue Screen of Deaths. I can start VTune and shortly after I get another BSOD.

Windows Help said the error was a driver problem. As soon as I uninstall VTune my system goes back to working as normal.

Error code 0000000000000109, parameter1 a3a03a382eb3b97f, parameter2 b3b746be8130609c, parameter3 fffff80001001000, parameter4 0000000000000000.

Support for 2.6 kernel?


I was wondering when there will be a version of vtune that supports the 2.6 kernel instead of just the 2.4 kernel which is now the case as i understand from the release notes. I also see there is a commercial version of a vtune-alike program here from intel. Does this support 2.6 kernel?
If there is no solution yet, when is the release planned of a version with this feature.

Sampling with VTune 3.0: Doesn't start collecting


I am having a problem sampling a Java program after giving a sampling delay and duration. The first time I run VTune (assuming I have set the times correctly) it works just fine. Almost every run after that, it does not start collecting when it should, the program ends, and VTune gives me an error about not having started collection. I have to force the program to exit (with ^C) to get back to the shell, but the vtl.bin process ramps up to 99% CPU usage and doesn't let me kill it (with any signal).

measuring function call execution time per call

I have a function that performs a different amount of processing each time that it is called. I would like obtain a histogram of the processing time used per function call, i.e. the probability distribution of processing per call. (The function is going into a real-time system; I need to characterize its CPU utilization.) Is there a way to do this with VTune or its APIs?

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