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vtune usage: How can i remove the latest filter instead of removing them all


i was wondering if there is a way to manage filters. Say i am looking at a specific thread and then filter in a specific call within that thread. How i can i remove the last filter without removing the first?



Results show all functions as: func@0x78ea12fa

I've been profiling with VTune for a long time, and recently in VTune I've started getting unusable results. Almost every entry in the function list of the bottom up analysis is just func@address. For example, here are a bunch from a profile I just did:


Finalizing results is very slow under windows


I'm trying to profile a sensitive spot in one of our tools.

I'm using the standalone Intel Vtune Amplifier XE 2013 on windows 7.

I configured the analysis to use the advanced hotspots analysis including the call counts, and left the defaults settings unchanged.

I captured a minute worth of execution and stopped the program.

Amplifier has been finalizing the results for over an hour now, and I'm still counting.

Even assuming it had completed this step, this is not useable.

Am I overlooking an option that would make it fast?

how to profile mpi appllication using intel vtune amplifier

hi ,

i am using vtune amplifier for profiling the mpi-hmmr application, but it wont show any source code.even vtune failed to show source of normal mpi program,i have tried project properties of the vtune by browsing source file from system but wont worked.please tell me some proper steps to profile mpi application..

Amplifier and Java memory


I am using Vtune Amplifier XE 2013.

I want to profile a C++ application which also issues some java calls within the target functionality. However, the java calls are not the performance problem. As the java actions use some java memory there is an initial check which ensures that enough java memory is available (here 1024m). As soon as the VTune Amplifier is attached to the C++ application and I perform a hotspot analysis, the above mentioned check fails (without running VTune there is no such problem at all).

No Event-based sampling on VTune Amplifier 2013 on Microsoft Surface Pro 2


VTune Amplifier 2013 does not detect event-based sampling capabilities on Microsoft Surface Pro 2 running Windows 8.1, which has Intel Core i5 4200U.

Is this Intel Core i5 4200U lacking the Performance Monitoring Unit, or is it Windows 8.1 issues, or something else ?

Please advise.


the program with TBB can't analyze the hotspots

    Hello everyone!

    I have a serial program,and i have changed it with Intel TBB,now it is a parallel program.The serial program need one hour,and the parallel need 10 minutes.

But the parallel program can't use VTune Amplifier analyze the hotspots,the VTune Amplifier load the file all the time ,and i see in the 'data.0' folder ,there are many files,but the serial is not appear.What should i do ?

     Thank you!

windows driver setup

When I try to run the current VTune general analysis on my new Windows 8.1 installation, it tells me the driver isn't running.  As there is no sep folder in the installation, I don't know where to go to look for a startup script.  When I search for docs, I get redirected to linux docs, with which I'm already reasonably familiar.  I don't find this topic in the help doc.20

It's possible to run outside the CPU dependent selections, but why put them there with no advice on how to run them?

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