Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE

No Data from vtune on Linux with g++


I am running VTune Amplifier XE 2015 Update 4 (build 410668) for basic hotspot analysis of my C++ application which uses several external libraries. I have compiled the program with -g option.

Unfortunately VTune throws an error like so:

?invalid? has faced a serious problem
Mo 24 Aug 2015 19:00:05 CEST Cannot open data: ?invalid? has faced a serious problem.

Vtune amplxe-gui freezes, asks to send report/terminate


I am trying to profile a Fortran program with the vtune amplifier. I created a report using 

amplxe-cl -collect general-exploration -result-dir vtune_results_smaller exec_name exec_001.rc

where 'exec_001.rc' is a config file read by exec_name. The report collection seemed to go fine, but when I tried to view the results using 

Cannot finalize the result: Insufficient memory

I use the 2013 update 12 version and I have this issue while profiling a huge application. It seems that the finalisation process reach the 32bits limit of intel amplifier and I could not find a 64bits of intel amplifier XE gui.

Is there a solution? Why not provide a 64bits guid executable? I am only interested in the resolution of a few module, can I exclude the other (I did not find how to do it)?

This is critical as it means that intel amplifier is useless for my team as our application as outgrow the capacity of VTune.

VTune Analysis


Our OS: Linux 6.4 Santiago with 32 Core Servers and HT Enabled.

We are a financial trading software firm and during the performance optimization using Intel VTune - General Exploration Analysis we observed 

L1D Replacement % = 1.0

L2D Replacement % = 1.0

LLC Replacement % = 1.0

in our VTune output.

Vectorization analysis not supported for Core i7 -4770 ?


I am running Intel® VTune™ Amplifier XE 2015 Update 4, (build 410668) on Windows 8.1 with a Core i7-4770 processor

When I check "Analyze vectorization" in a custom analysis I get the message "Vectorization analysis is not supported for this microprocessor. See release note for more détails".

I want to run this on a program compiled in VS2012 with Intel Fortran Version 15.0.0122.11. My user account on this PC has administrator rights.

I can't find any explanation for this in the VTune Help.


Profiling OpenMP program with vtune command line

Hi all,

I understand that vtune supports openmp programs. But from the documents I read, I only see GUI based versions. I am wondering if I can use command line vtune on linux to get the similar reports (like showing how much time spent in openmp region xxx).

I tried it , the report I got was like this:

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