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unresolved external symbol _mkl_solver_pardiso

ok, I'm a newbie with MKL (10.0.011) and an having problems getting it to link and run. I'm trying to link to the pardiso routine and run the C example from samples directory. long story short, I can't get it to link and get the error "unresolved external symbol _mkl_solver_pardiso". I'm using MS visual studio 2005 with the Intel C++ (10.1.011) compiler, and have followed the setup procedures from the users manual. Anyone know what is going on here? Thanks

MKL - F95 syntax for random number generators

I decided to test MKL for quasi-random number generation, but I am struggling with the required syntax for even the most basic functions (despite > 3000 pp of the Ref Manual & ~40 yrs since starting on Fortran programming). Some actual illustrative examples would help immensely.

Starting with the most basic - say a uniform series of 1000 numbers ("ran_num") in the range 0.0 - 1.0 using the SOBOL generator. The syntax appears to be:

real ran_num(1000)
status = vsrnguniform( method, stream, 1000, ran_num, 0.0, 1.0 )

Which of libmkl_blacs_* should be use?

Hi all,

I've installed Intel C++ & Fortran 10.1.008 Compilers on an AMD64 opetron cluster.

MKL - is also installed.

One of the application's makefile contains following BLACS( libraries :

To replace these libraries with MKL libraries, which of the following blacs libraries to use?


hello every body,
please i need ur help ..

in my project, i will work with PDGETRF routine for Lu factoriztion,
and i think that MKL library is useful for me , and i installed it on my machine.
but, my problem is after the installation what i can do? and how i can using this library in my code which i use C language and MPI...

please help me

best regards

Problems with linux and libmkl_gnu_ilp64.a


Ive got some problems with the static library libmkl_gnu_ilp64.a!

The whole thing! We can compile our project with the linux icc (intel-compiler) and the libmkl_intel_ilp64.a. Now we want to test the compiling with the gcc. The problem is that we cannot find this library. It was not include in the normal directory /lib/em64t.

For a non 64 bit version it is possible to link with the libmkl.a library. Please can anyone send or tell me where the libmkl_gnu_ilp64.a library is.

Thanks for the help! fachfan

libiomp5md vs libguide40 in MKL 10

What is the difference between libiomp5md.dll and libguide40.dll in the context of MKL 10? In the User Guide, the first is described as the compatibility threading library, and the second as the legacy threading library. From the names, I guess that I should use the compatibilty library except when circumstances force me to use the legacy library. But there is no clue about what such circumstances might be.


I am a new user to FORTRAN and I had a question about the MKL function vsceil. I am not getting the results I expect.

for example,

call vsceil(1,4.5,test)
print '(I)',test

returns 1084227584.

Am I doing something wrong here? I should expect to see 5 right?


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