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[Intel MPI] ssh as default in mpdboot/mpirun (I_MPI_MPD_RSH)

Hello,I think It should be considered to change default remote shell which mpd is using to ssh. It's rsh now but I think most people are using ssh over rsh nowadays.People want to use clear commands like mpirun , not mpirun -r ssh... or something even more complicated.AFAIK there was no easy way to change that default easily in impi < 4.0.But in impi 4.0 there is a new environment I_MPI_MPD_RSH.

OFED Q and Deciphering the contents of /etc/dat/conf

Hello I have installed Intel MPI both V4.0.0 and V3.2.2 on an Nehalem QDR IB Cluster (fabric is Voltaire GridDirector 4700).

We are using RHEL and CentOS 5.4 with OFED 1.4.2. Is there any issue with staying with 1.4.2 or should we move to OFED 1.5.0? Or shou;d we wait unti 1.5.1 is out?

Another question I have relates to how IMPI interfacs wirth the underlying OFED stack. I couldn't find info on the ref manual. How is the contents of /etc/dat.conf interpreted ?

thanks and sorry for the many Qs.


License Management

My organization bought CDK Fltg licenses previously and then later bought CDK Compiler Edition Fltg licenses for new installs on other systems. My question is when it comes to renewing the support subscriptions, if we only buy support for CDK Compiler Edition, does that cover the older CDK installations?

After the OpenMP: what is the next step?

I would like to ask if you could give some guidelines about what I should to do toward improving performance on software's project I'm working in. Let me start by saying that I'm in a very small development team (only 4 persons) which is building an academical finite element algorithm code to simulate metal sheet forming processes.



I would like to ask which way in your opinion will be more optimal:

1) Use some grid tool to create virtual supercomputer from networked desktops and LAPACK functions from MKL (does LAPACK scale automaticly code to n processors/cores ? )

2) Use cluster created from networked desktops and ScaLAPACK functions with MPI

Thank you for anwer and best wishes

ICT shared installation vs separated and ICT Live CD for dynamic node adding


Tell me please when should I install ICT on shared space and when on each node separetly. After tests I would like to create Linux Live CD to add nodes dynamicly, what kind of installation would be better for it? If you had any general advices in adding nodes dynamicly, I would be also very greatful :)

Thank you for help and regards.



I prepare network to Intel Cluster Toolkit installation. For test I get two computers.
- I called them master and node1.
- I added to /etc/hosts of both ip addresses.
- ping master and ping node1 commands works on both computers
- I created machines.LINUX file with lines:

My problem is when I run sshconnectivity.exp on master the only master's ssh settings are changed. No ~/.ssh directory appears on node1.

Thank you for help and regards

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