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Array Viewer sources

I am an avid user of the Array Visualizer. I have downloaded the Array Visualizer runtime library source files and have had the occasion to make a few changes in the runtime library to suite my needs.

However, the Array Visualizer, as used in an application,launches an instance of the ArrayView.exe and AvMemFLSvr.exe as seperate processes on the system. AvCRT and AvFRT launches and communicates with these processes.

Installing the Array Vizualizer with the 10.1 Fortran compiler with MSVS Partner edition and Windows Vista

Hi Advisors,

I have just installed intel 10.1 Fortran with the MSVS Partner Edition 2005 on a Windows Vista machine. Have been trying to enable "view array" in the debug menu. [Originally, I thought this was part of the MSVS, since the software's features boast a data visualizer. Possibly correct?] Anyway as a backup, I have downloaded and installed the Intel Array Visualizer. However, the VS does not see the Intel product; "view array" remains greyed out.

Problem with Array Visualizer

Although I have searched through quite a few threads on this forum, I haven't found an answer. pardon me for asking this question, but "I have problem using the visualizer in the debug mode in VS 2005 with Intel Fortran." The view array remain greyed out.What is (can be) wrong?

(1) I did uninstall and install of the AV using the link available from the opening threads of this forum.
(2) I have added the library and include paths for the correct build environment (x64).
(3) I am using 64 bit XP professional with VS 2005 professional.

How to using scalesource property to show non-uniform grid

Hi everyone:

I want to use AV visualization my finite difference simulation result, the array is distributed in the non-uniform rectangle grid, I found using the "scaleSource Propery" can show the image correclty, but I do not know how to write the code.
for example I have a 3*3 array to visualze, the array is
the coordinate is of the array is:



Anyone has IAV example with Axis labels working


I am looking for an example where I can get the labels on axis to show up for IVF active X control. Please see attached picture.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The CVF code that does that is given below. What is the equivalent IVF code

sharename = GetShareName()
! Setup the Avis2D properties
ret = AUTOSetProperty(hAvis2D1, "FileName", sharename)
if (ret /= 0) return
ret = AUTOSetProperty(hAvis2D1, "ShowPalette", .TRUE.)
if (ret /= 0) return

Array Viewer Source Status

What is the current state of the Array Visualizer source code? There was discussion of providing the source in some open source forum.

We are making another round of enhancements to our functions that utilize AV and have been hoping that someone has picked up the maintenance responsibility. Are folks in this forum still using AV? Are there any guesses of how many people are still using it?

Much Appreciated,
Beau Paisley

Missing .F90 files

When installing the developer's version of AV everything seems to be there except the .F90 files used to define the interfaces by way of generating the .MOD files in the IVF INCLUDE directory(s).

The missing files are

and the corrisponding .MOD and .MOD2 files

located in (substitued compiler version)


Access to Palette?


I'm new to this.

I'm not sure if anyone can help me.

I'm trying to display a 2d array (matrix) using a 2-d plot in IAV.

I'm using C# to do this.

I've been using the syntax

"Avis.Objmod.Graph2D image_graph = m_root2.Graphs.CreateGraph2D("image|plotcolor:IMAGE, ColorSource:/data2");"

but i've found that when I use the "root.Graphs.CreateGraph2D" my color options are cut back. So i don't have any access to the "ColorSourceFormat" etc.

Does anyone know why?

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