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Array Visualizer Documentation

I have recently downloaded the new FREE version of array visualizer after having used the old Compaq v1.1 since 2000. The two versions are completely different so I have to rely on documentation to get up are running. I have tried to open the new help files from the Intel website but for some reason I cannot display any of the help items. Can someone help with this problem. I am currently running XP Pro withup to dateservice packs. Is there any other detailed documentation available?

graph control background colour


I have a graph control object and am having trouble setting the background colour to anything but white. When I set the backcolor property to red in the properties list it never persists, it always changes itself back to white. If I hard code it, something like

Me.AvGraphCtl3D.BackColor = RGB(255, 0, 0)

and draw a plot, it momentarily flashes red but then goes back to white. Any hints would be appreciated.


Using AvGrid OCX and object model in Delphi 7

I don't understand how to access the root group of an AvGrid ActiveX object that I've got sitting on a Delphi form. There's no Root property exposed to users of the ActiveX component, and I'd like to know how to assign a group to the grid for viewing. I'm pretty sure that I've constructed my graph hierarchy correctly.

automatically open array visualizer when starting to debug a program

Hi All,

I was wondering if there is a way to make Visual Studio 2005 open the Intel array viewer window when the debugger is started? I have tried docking the visualizer and making it a tabbed window, with no success.

The references to the arrays that I want to view are saved, butI need to manually open the visualizer window.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.


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