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How to set postfix for barcode scans?

Hi all, I have a tablet with a barcode scanner, and I am needing to set a postfix [enterkey] on any barcode scans. I searched the forum here and saw a previous post mention that a prefix
and postfix setting was possible, but I do not see any options for this
in the config editor. Does anyone know if this is possible or how to
set this up?

This tablet has Intel MCA Platform Driver, version 2.3.0 build 30685. I open the MCA Configuration Editor from Start > Programs > Intel > MCA PLatform Driver.


OS Support

Is there any detailed information regarding future direction of OS support for MCA PDK/SDK?

From what is listed today are there plans for 64bit OS support or can the current 32bit run on 64bit in compatibility mode?

Are there any target plans for Linux?

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camera flash on / off buttion in tool tray - possible to remove

we see a widow covering part of thetool tray with an image of a camera and a light bulb and buttion with either an on or off label. Is it possible to remove or hide this throught the SDK (of some other means if you know of any)? Our computer is the Panasonic H1-B, specifically:

SDK for PD 2.5.1 ?


on my CF-H1 the mca platform driver has the version 2.5.1.
According to the release notes it has been released on July 29, 2009.

The Intel download center offers the SDK versions 2.1 (4/27/2009), or 3.0 (2/26/2010). Can I use the SDK 3.0, do I have to stick to 2.1 or can a SDK for 2.5 be downloaded somewhere?

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