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Generation in C++ with Device Builder


I want to begin to apologize for my weak english...

My problem is about the development of a service UPnP in C++.

So, first i use Service Author to add a state variable "counter" with type "integer 32", i also add a method "add1" with an argument "resultat" and i specified this argument is used for "return". Then, i export in a file "description.xml".

Reference c# media server

I am trying to implement a UPnP media server in c#. I have used the device builder to generate the API for a media server in C#. Is there a reference implementation I can look at to get myself familiar with the design? The code wizard can generate a reference media server but it is done in C++. I have seen similar question posted in older threads so I am wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction.


Use of home upnp device code wizard


I generate a Digital Media Controller for Pocket PC by using Intel Digital Home Device Code Wizard.

Icompiledthe codesuccessfully by using eVC++ 4.0.

Then, I test theconnection between

the code in Windows Mobile 5 for Pocket pc (real, not emulator)


a media server and renderer opened in Windows XP

However, only a message "Intel MicroStack 1.0 -" is on the mobile phone screen. It seems that the code is not completed.

I have several questions on it:

1. Does anyoneknowwhatis missed in the code?

manual search only for UPnP device but automatic search


I'm developing a UPnP device on Windows mobile using Bluetooth connected to bridged network..

Problem is that the UPnP device on Windows mobile through Bluetooth network is monitored automaticallyby a UPnP Spy on a desktop which is set up bridged network.

UPnP Spies on PCs, which areon other than the bridged network, cannot get a UPnP device information automatically.

Problem with a UPnP device on Windows Mobile through Bluetooth network


I've built a UPnP device on Windows mobile using Intel tools, the'Device Builder'.

Device Spy can recognize the UPnP device on WindowsMobilethrough not only WiFi and but also Activesysnc.

However the UPnP device cannot be seen by the Device Spy through Bluetooth network.

In detail, you cansee onlypackets "Notify" going out through Bluetooth, no incoming packets targeted this UPnP device, while another internet application such as 'internet explorer' can surf the web through the Bluetooth network.

Memory corruption in ILibWebServer_StreamBody (DMS)

Hello all,

I'm getting a memory corruption and ultimately a crash in the ILibWebServer_StreamBody function. At the end of the function there's this code:

 if(RetVal!=0 && session->Reserved10!=NULL)

And while pointer to session is valid, Reserved10 (and all other pointers in session) point to 0xfeeefeee

From my testing, it happens after a return from:

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