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Build C# version of MediaServer

I have downloaded several versions of the author tools and other Intel UpnP tools from the intel site. However, I haven't found any implementation of UPnP AV MediaServer implementation in C#. Also, I have found people saying that they were able to build C# MediaServer using DeviceBuilder. If that is the case, how do you build it

How to compile UPnP Stack for Pocket PC.


I'm trying to compile the UPnP stack for Pocket PC 2002 (precisely speaking Pocket PC 2003) generated by Intel's tools. While trying for Pocket PC I get the message.

error: "UPnPSample : error PRJ0004 : Could not generate command line for the 'VCCLCompilerTool' tool."

Any help to compile the code. I'll be grateful.



UPnP and SOAP using HTTPS

We have Implemented UPnP and SOAP Service on an Access Controller.

Now I have a customer that uses your upnp.dll for connecting to the device and has askedme if we can use HTTPS for more Secure at the Service Request (SOAP). At the Device it is no Problem to setup the WEB Service to use HTTPS Protocol for the Service Request.

For this we can set the controlURL to useHTTPS. Can the customer use the HTTPS Protocol with your upnp.dll?

Can the customer test the HTTPS request with your UPnP Spy Tool?

Thanks for any information you can provide.

How to : Compile intel UPNP stack under Mac OS X (and BSD ?) systems.

The compilation of Intel UPNP stack under Macintosh is quite straitforward since Macintosh is a POSIX compatible system. However, MAC OS X has (as well as it's ancestors : BSD systems) small differences with the POSIX features found on Linux. Intel Stack was not originally tested under a Macintosh and the current version (Generated from "Intel Device Builder for UPnP Technologies" Build: 1.0.2547.30545 from the "Digital home device code wizard") has some bugs under MAC OS X.

Digital Media Server using DHDC Wizard

Hello: I built a DMS (Digital Media Server) by using Intel Digital Home Device Code Wizard with the target platform of "Posix/Linux". I got these errors on compilation:

ILibParsers.c:697: error: request for member TerminateReadPipe in something not a structure or union

What is the preferred solution for this?

Intel DeviceSpy escapes "&" characters in the controlURL when sending HTTP POST

I am using Device Spy Version 1.3.1768.24086 and have noted the following behavior.

The controlURLs in my DDDs include query strings, so the "&" characters are encoded as & in the DDD.

For example, controlURL "/path?a=b&c=d" will be encoded in the XML as "/path?a=b&c=d".

When Device Spy uses this controlURL for an HTTP POST, it should retain
the literal "&" but it does not; instead it quotes it as %26.

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