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debugger help file out of sync with xdb prompt help

At xdb prompt I type "efi" and see many commands, including EFI "LOADMODFROMMAP %s %s"

This command, and probably others, isn't listed in Debugger Help => Help Contents.

Request: please scrub all Help documentation to ensure it is in sync with the app's help output.


Can't debug Atom E3845 due to JTAG security


We recently started using the Intel JTAG XDP probe with Atom E38xx processors using Coreboot and the Intel FSP.  On a BakerSport board the probe connects OK, but on our new board with an E3845 processor we get the following error message:

JTAG connection was established but the target appears to have security-restricted JTAG.  Please try disabling JTAG security in the platform firmware.

Searching the Intel docs and this forum haven't helped us figure out how to resolve this.  All I found was in the JTAG debugger release notes:

third party integration with Intel JTag debugger

Hi All


    I have a debug software that want to integrate with Intel JTag debugger. Can I send command to it and control it to do these actions:

a) add/delete breakpoint base on physical address / virtual address

b) set/get value from memory base on physical address / virtual address

c) pause/continue <— I can send a pause command to JTag debugger so that i can pause the atom dev board

d) get/set all registers

e) single step the atom



Thanks Peter

Debugger can't see values of allocatable array located in array of derived types

Dear experts,

I'm developing a code and I have problems with the debugger. I have created a simple test example (attached) to illustrate the issue. 

I have a module/class that contains a derived type (doe) the derived type contains an allocatable array (x) that is allocated when the instance of the "class" is constructed. In my main program I declare an allocatable array of instances of the doe class. I allocate a number (in this case 2) instances of the doe class in the array doe1. This all works fine.

Trouble debugging Intel Quark in Galileo with ITP-XDP 3BR and Intel System Debugger

I can't start debugging the Intel Quark target in Galileo board.

1.) I am using the "2015 Products.bat" file to start the debugger.

2.) Inside the debugger interface I use the "Intel Quark SoC x1000-60-pin XDP (Clanton)" option. No additional parameters. I know the Galileo can't work with the 60-pin interface right out of the box so I am using an adapter.

3.) This is the way the hardware is setup:

Intel System Studio 2015 For Windows

Is it possible to do XDB + JTAG debugging for the Intel Quark on Intel System Studio 2015 For Windows?

I have checked the product specifications and the only version that lists JTAG as part of the package is the Ultimate Linux version of Intel System Studio 2015.

Any help and information will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you beforehand.


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