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Intel Fortran Debugger (Linux) is stuck when stepping multi-line statements

Dear all,

When debugging a FORTRAN program step by step, if the debugger gets into the execution of a statement expanding more than one line, the "step" command is stuck between the lines of the multi-line statement about ~18 cycles before it exits and continues to the next statement. For instance assume the following FORTRAN code that expands into two lines:

Line 1: ep_data(order(i))%EE = (ep_data(order(i))%landings + m_consumed(order(i))) & 
Line 2:             / (ep_data(order(i))%PoB * ep_data(order(i))%biomass)

Debbugging Abaqus User Subroutines with Intel 12.0

Dear friends,

I am trying to find a way to debug Abaqus user subroutines but, since I am using Abaqus 6.13/VS2010/Intel12, I am not able to do it, as most of the instructions online are oriented to older versions.

I change the abaqus_v6.env file to link it with my compiler the way that is recommended in many places ( but the debugger is not able to find the PDB file (vc100.pdb).

Unable to set watchpoint

I've encountered a problem that appears to have arisen sometime in the last year with the debugger when trying to set a watchpoint on a Fortran variable:

Intel(R) Debugger for applications running on Intel(R) 64, Build [74.923.2]

(idb) whatis TESTVAR

type = COMPLEX(8) (64,800,6)

(idb) watch TESTVAR(36,326,1)

Watchpoint 2: TESTVAR(36, 326, 1)

However, with the newer version, I am unable to set a watchpoint:

Intel(R) Debugger for applications running on Intel(R) 64, Build [79.936.23]

Problem with 'idb session save' in idbc using absolute paths

Possible bug in idbc Version 13.0, Build [79.936.23]: 'idb session save absolute/path/to/' in GDB mode shows attempted creation of $sessiondir instead of using the absolute path. Same command at breakpoint in program thows error and prints stack trace.

Deprecation of Intel Debugger

For some time, in the release notes of the Intel Fortran Composer 2013, it is indicated that the Intel Debugger will be deprecated and using GDB is advised. However, compared to Intel Debugger, GDB is far inferior. For example, it cannot access allocatable arrays in a debugging session (please see bug And this is a bug open since 2007 without a fix but an ugly workaround.

calling-called array size mismatch

OS             : x86_64 GNU/Linux (CentOS 6.4)

Compiler   : Intel(R) Fortran Intel(R) 64 Compiler XE for applications running on Intel(R) 64, Version Build 20130313

Debugger  : Version 13.0

FFLAGS      : -debug -cpp -zero -convert big_endian  -traceback -fpe0 -g -debug extended  -assume byterecl -i4 -132 -fp-stack-check  -complex-limited-range  -check bounds,pointers,uninit -ftrapuv



hi !

I dont know if i am posing on correcty forum.

sorry for it.

I have a pc with crosshair extreme iv and i suffer with blue screen. The blue screen showed a problem in e1q62x64.sys. I seached for driver but i dont know what files i need. Someone can post a link that i can download a correctly archive to solve my problem ? 

bldk in simics

I was using bldk in simics Atom E6xx virtual system.and I using "gBS->SetVariable" in the bldk,and it successed,

but when I run simics again, I can not get the variable ,and I use "dmpstore" in shell to see the variable,it show it can not be found !

it also happen in the X57+ICH10 platform .  what is the problem?  whether the bios flash can not be written in simics?

if not,how to solve the problem?

wish your answer!

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