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On previous, I have been used Visual Studio 2008 with Intel visual fortran 11.1.3463.2008 and move to Visual Studio 2013 and Intel Parallel Studio XE 2015 Composer  edition for fortran windows  on my 64 bit windows 7 computer. My problem is that in the debug mode the program doesn't move step by step as i shown on the figure and some time does not show the values of the variables. 

Run To Cursor at the first step :

Need Help: Quark OpenOCD BIOS/UEFI debug on Intel System Studio 2015 Beta

I want to be able to debug the Quark SoC on the Intel Galileo Board from the reset vector (or close to it).

I know that OpenOCD can't do a direct reset/break debug since the ARM JTAG interface on the board doesn't include the two necessary pins for such procedure.

intel ITP-XDP3 Debugger for Quark

I want to start developing code for the Quark processor. I have an Intel Galileo Board that I have started working with.

I would like to know if there is a way to obtain the Intel ITP-XDP3 JTAG probe as an educator. My budget as an educator is limited.

It is a high end probe, but it seems to be the only probe available to debug the Quark's UEFI or any code from the reset vector on which is what I want to do.

Is there a GUI debugger with fortran compiler verrsion 15?


the latest compiler version comes with gdb-ia or gdb-mic. Obviously idb has been dropped. This is not unexpected (see

But: Intels version of gdb (gdb-ia) seems to provide only a minimalistic text console interface. Not even a TUI like gdb.

Or am I missing something?

trap a SIGFPE

Hi all,

I'm running a multiple file Fortran 90 code using IDB, and at some point I get  :

**Program received signal SIGFPE**

The problem is that the IDB throw me to the Assembly page and not to the line when it happend. I'm not familiar with assembly

I'm using the ''traceback'' option for compiling those files. Specifically :

**ifort -g -O3 -openmp -openmp-report -msse4.2 -fpconstant -fp-model strict -fpe0 -traceback -ftrapuv -convert big_endian**

Can anybody please advise on how to get the specific line of the source code ?

How can I debug unmanaged Code (Visual Basic) called from Fortran?

I have an Intel-Fortran-project that calls an unmanaged Code (in VB).

I want to debug my Program under Visual Studio 2010. Which Properties must be set for debugging the called VB-Subroutine?

I have selected the "Enable unmanaged code debugging" check box for Visual Basic Project.

Under Visual Studio Properties->Debugging->Debugger Type is deactivated. I mean I can't change Attribute and set it to Mixed or Auto!


Debugging an OpenMP code

Hi all,

I haven't seen a coherent/official OpenMP debugging post by the Intel guys.

How can I debug an OpenMP Fortran code with idb ? Are there any compilation flag(s) required in order to ''serialize'' the code first ?

Any suggested manual/links that you know off ?

Appreciate your time and your answers.

Best regards,



Intel Parallel Debugger Extension not found at VS2012 - Parallel Studio 2015 (beta)

Dear all,

some weeks ago I subscribed and installed the Intel Parallel Studio XE 2015 beta in order to evaluate it. During this time I have followed the included tutorials and now I am reading a book about Parallel Studio (Parallel Programming with Intel Parallel Studio XE - Stephen Blair Chappell, Andrew Stockes)

In one of the chapters the book describes how to use the Parallel Debugger Extension, but I have not been able to found it inside VS2012, this extension was deprecated?.

Thanks for your help!

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