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parallel option not supported in icc compiler


I have recently installed intel sytem studio trial version and integrated with eclipse. I tried to build my C code with  parallelization (-parallel) option, which is available at project properties-> C/C++ Build->Settings->Optimization. But, I am getting the command line remark as shown:

icc: command line remark #10148: option '-parallel' not supported

Please, let me know how to rectify this problem.






Internal compiler error using templates


When attempting to compile a template function using std::lower_bound, I am getting an inernal compiler error:

error : assertion failed at: "shared/cfe/edgglue/edg_expr.c", line 845

This happens when I am providing both const and non-const implementation. The code works fine in both Visual Studio 2010 compiler and GCC.

With ICC 15.0, if I write:

const_iterator lower_bound(const key_type& k) const{

MyCompare& me = *this;

return std::lower_bound(begin(), end(), k, *this);


Need a licence file to evaluate the product

Dear Intel Support Team,

I have downloaded Intel® System Studio Composer Edition evaluate the performance of ICC in Linux compiling our libraries, but I cannot install it as I do not have root privilege on our Linux servers and need a licence file.

Could you please send me an evaluation licence file?

Thanks and Regards,

Jonathan Betser

UBS AG London, UK

icc -diag-type


I'm trying to understand how to use the -diag-type option and its arguments. I know about -vec-report, but would like to see what happens when I correctly use -diag-type with the "vec" argument. So far, I'm not sure of the syntax:


-sh-3.2$ icc -diag-type "vec" helloworld.c
icc: command line warning #10006: ignoring unknown option '-diag-type'
icc: error #10236: File not found:  'vec'


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LKM cleanup_module() not called


We are cross-building a loadable kernel module for Wind River Linux (gcc 4.4.1).  We can modprobe (load) our module, but it's marked as permanent.  We can remove the module (rmmod -f) and lsmod will no longer list it, but in that case our cleanup_module() function is not called.  We tried several possible fixes mentioned in the tech forums such as defining CC_HAVE_GOTO_ASM and USE_IMMEDIATE.  Modinfo vermagic shows: SMP preempt mod_unload

The only impact of this seems to be:

Webinar : Build and Optimize Embedded, Mobile, and Internet of Things Applications


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