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Direct3D Mobile on Atom + 945GSE


I had a bit of trouble trying to find the correct forum to post this in, I hope this is fine.

I am currently investigating hardware accelerated rendering options for our company's products on an Atom N270 with 945GSE chipset. We are running on Windows CE 6.0 and are using the Intel drivers found on the IEGD download page here

Software SImulator/Emulator for ATOM

Hello,I'm trying to evaluate ATOMs mutlimedia capabailities like H264 decoding and encoding. I want to know if there are any software simulator which will help me to simulate what I want to do on an ATOM board. Procurement of a board will take time for me. So before that, I would want to do some groundwork.Any help in this regard will be appreciatedRegards,Jagadish

memory segment

Hi all,i have few basic clarifications,a)where is the virtual and physical memory space is located in any embedded processor and how it is different from computers w.r.t memory ?b) now i m kinda confused where the operating system would store in embedded processor ?please give inputs for above doubts and make me understand please!!!if possible pls help me by providing any embedded links/books.ThankyouMuthu

Optimization for Atom Processor

I am trying to optimize software for Atom pc ,the performance is satisfactory for Intel i5 , but seventh time slower on Atom.
I am asking for any suggestions that may be helpful at this case.

I am woking with visual studio 2008 and Intel @ Composer XE 2011 compiler .I already tried to set the
/QxSSE3_ATOM option but got no difference in performance.

I downloaded the Embedded software development tool - trial version. But I don't know if that could be useful in my case and if it is ,what should I start from

Thanks ahead,

How big is the linux kernel and file system

I have a general question regarding size of software.Our embedded system would have 512M of flash and no hard disk. We would want to run our app (not big) and a browser.Is this possible or do we need more flash memory? I know that meego is over 800M in size but can that be customised so that unwanted applications are not included.Thanks.Homam

regarding redboot installation


I have followed the steps for installing Redboot in CE 4100 SDK(Videon Central) on my host machine. When i build that redboot build scripts i got following error message. pls suggest the correct way.

asindhura@......:~/Intelcesdk/IntelCE-18.250447/project_build_i686/IntelCE/redboot-18.3.10462.224519/redboot/redboot_build_scripts$ sh
ERROR: i386-elf-gcc not found in path, please install the toolchain correctly!
PATH: /usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games
See release notes for details.

Intel CE4100 SDK building

I am following the steps given in Intel CE Media processors document.

After installation of ISOs, i am using make menuconfig to build the SDK.

that menu Kernel selection menu item is there, which i selected as
none. There are two other options available in the selection menu. what
is the significance of this?
When i selected linux as my kernel i am unable to build my SDK successfully. So i selected none.

I tried to build an example application generated with above SDK build tool chain(Kernel as NONE).

OpenMP on an Embedded System & A support for SSE on Atom CPUs

These are general questions regarding Embedded Platforms with Atom CPUs:

- Is there an Intel C++ compiler that supports OpenMP on an Embedded System?

- Does the Atom CPU(s) support SSE instructions set or some subset of SSE?
If No, Any plans to support SSE in the future?

Thank you in advance!

Using Hardware Acceleration for Video Decoding with IPP on Intel's ATOM

Dear reader,

in our own video decoder software we use the IPP to decode simple CIF videos with 352x288 as resolution.

On our target this video format is scaled to fill the complete LCD aera with 800x600 as resolution.

Our customer is not happy about the video quality. Indeed VLC manages it to show the same video better than our own software using the latest IPP.

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