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Preemptive Authentication


In my workflow, I have used LDAP for AAA and im extracting the username from HTTP header.

When I run the service through soapui, its saying Invalid username or password.

But when I check "Accept authentication to outgoing request" in soapui settings, then my service is working fine.

What I need to do in order to get good response without checking the option

XSL Transformation

I have saved a XML in Data cache using "soae-cache:new-string("app:DB_CACHE",$FetchDataSP.body)". Im retrieveing this data as "soae-cache:get-string("app:DB_CACHE")".

When i do XSL Transofrmation using Stylesheet, it throws me fault saying that the input document passed is a string and it should be node or nodeset.

How to convert the app:DB_CACHE to a nodeset?


I have created service proxy project. My service contains 4 operation. While creating workflow, I selected "Generate shared workflow for ever opearations". My workflow is ready but when i deployed and tested it, gateway retirns successfull response only for first operation and other 3 opeartions fails with exception "Failed to Calssify input to workflow". What do i need to make it work?

SQL Statement Issue

I have included SQL statement in my project and also created JDBC resource.

When I use this styatement,
INSERT INTO XXX_TRACE VALUES('15244194326c8255fcdcc5334611','','','financeServiceProxy')

Its successfully inserting in to DB.

But I need to replace 'financeproxy' with XML elements.

SO i tried this,

INSERT INTO XXX_TRACE VALUES('15244194326c8255fcdcc5334611','','',GetUserName.body/ldap:batchResponse/ldap:searchResponse/ldap:searchResultEntry/@dn)

But its giving me SYntax error.

Routing Issue

I have included "Roue" element from the Palette in my service proxy project. Based on some elements in the WSDL, i need to route to different URI. In the Route action, I have done Message from Receive.
In Invoke, under Routing tab, I have included dynamic routing.

Issue now is, In routing.route, I need to add XPath expression. WHen i add, I cant see any XML elements in Toolbox. How to get the data from Receive WSDL?

Design / Deployment questions

We recently purchased ESG and am trying to migrate ~500 workflows from a legacy product. Most of them are similar workflows but I want to keep them in separate packages - so I can deploy/undeploy separately.

We were planning to use one workflow as a template and generate the various workflows from that. Questions/Concerns that we have:

a) What is the foot-print of a bundle (.tgz) when it is deployed in production we plan to deploy ~500 bundles what will be the footprint of that and how much memory would be need on the VM to handle that ?

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