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Passing real variables between VB6 and CVF6.6A

The following call is made from a VB6 application to a Fortran subroutine linked into a DLL.

Call InitProj_dll(Proj, iError)

iError declared as Integer*4 in the Fortran subroutine and as Long in VB6.

Proj declared in the Fortran as:

Structure /ProjType/
Character*(6) Isotope ! 178Os
Integer*4 Z ! proton number
Character*2 Nuc ! chemical symbol
Integer*4 Mass ! Atomic mass AMU
Real*4 RestMass ! Rest mass, kg

CVF COM Servers -- Permissable Derived Types

Hello All,

The code generated by the CVF COM server wizard declares the derived type of the COM object with the following form:




(1) Is the SEQUENCE attribute required?
(2) Is it possible for a component to have the pointer attribute e.g.


(I am unsure if the SEQUENCE attribute can be used if a component has the pointer attribute??)


Hi @ll,

I would like to use the messagebox for displaying a calculation result. How can I get the "text"C containing my result? I tried to use a character-variable, but without the "C" at the end it didnt work, and I couldnt get it there. Any idea? I didnt find any help in my manuals concerning this

used code to display the messagebox:
stat = messagebox(ghwndMain, "text"C, &
"Calculation result:"C, MB_OK)

Execution error

Help! Help! in dire straits!!!! Re: Large scientific simulation. I build both Debug and Release. From a DOS command line both executables run (execute). However, if I attempt to run the Debug in the windows developer environment it goes nowhere (not even allowed to break on the very 1st executable line) and immediately gives: "Instruction at 0x50c18522 referenced memory at 0x000000bc. Memory could not be read." Help, Help, help in dire straits!!!!

Mysterious runtime error

I am getting an unknown runtime error M17704 in Compaq Visual Fortran 6.6. This error only occurs in the Release version--the debug version will not fail! The error is not mentioned anywhere that I can find in the documentation. It is reproduced below. What does it mean?

INFO: Run 16 trial 32: sim = 100.8 s, ratio = 10.79
INFO: Run 16 trial 33: sim = 98.3 s, ratio = 10.79
INFO: Run 16 trial 34: sim = 97.5 s, ratio = 10.82
INFO: Run 16 trial 35: sim = 96.6 s, ratio = 10.75

tmp during link

When I compile and link via dos command line I get the message,
TMP directory C:windows emp does not exist use local directory.
and I can hear the program trying to access the a: drive. It then goes about its way and does the link OK.

How can I fix this? I plan to do quite a few compiles and links and don't want it to give this warning

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