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.or. - expression

Hello to all,

following question: Because of calculating speed, I would like to know the following. When using the .or.-expression in for example an if-else-statement. How is it internally parsed? Does Fortran first check the first expression and, if it is true, it skips checking for the second? Or does it check both expressions in any case?

if ( (input .eq. 1.0) .or. (input .eq. 2) ) then
do something
end if

How use GetCurrentDirectory

Would someone write all the code required to use the function GetCurrentDirectory? I cannot find any samples in any of the documentation or users guides. I've tried various things that don't work, such as:
Integer inum, ret
character*20 adirectory

ret = GetCurrentDirectory (inum, adirectory)

I don't get any compilation errors, it just doesn't work.

Request extension to ALLOCATE command

I'd like to request a Compaq extension to ALLOCATE which allows the programmer to specify the desired data alignment for the allocated array. For example,

ALLOCATE(bigarray(20000), ALIGN = 32)

the result of this command would be an array aligned on a 32-byte boundary. This little extension would save me massive headaches... :)

"Invalid" exception trapping

We have large generated programs that are compiled using CVF 6.6 and run on various Windows PCs. The compilation options we use (amongst others) are /FPE:0 /check_underflow and /optimize:0.

The programs occasionally generate floating point exceptions, which we trap in a C try-except block. The exception is then dealt with a Fortran error handling routine.

It is important that the exception is trapped immediately, because then we have the context for the error and can report it properly.

Tab Control

I am using a tab control in a dialog. I start the dialog using the dlg_modal function and each of the tab dialogs with the dlg_modeless function from within a call back routine. Everything works fine except for one minor problem. I cannot use the tab key to navigate within the "tab" dialogs that are associated with the tab control.

Calling DLL's From VBScript/ASP


I have a bunch of DLL?s, which are called from a Visual Basic front end. The DLL?s are linked against a large number of static libraries and a couple of block data commons. Everything works great, but now there is a need to change the Visual Basic front end to a web-based front end, which uses ASP via VBScript. Now, I read in this forum that VBScript is a subset of the full VB language and that one cannot call DLL?s from VBScript.

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