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Intel Remote Keyboard v1.4 for Iphone - Wake on Lan Not Working


Not sure if i am posting in the right place, but I have a question:

I have an intel NUC 5i5RYH that is running 64bit version of Win 10 Professional.  It is hard ethernet wired to my verizon router.  

It is running version 1.5 of the intel remote Keyboard host app.

The phone and PC pair fine, and when the machine is powered on I can use the iphone as a mouse and keyboard without issue.

Accessing I2C devices on PUC DE3815TYBE and Windows-10


I have a new PUC DE3815TYBE board.

I installed Windows-10 on it (I am planning on using embedded/real time Windows or Linux in the future).

I installed the PROC_IO_Win8.1_32 device drivers for the chip-set: I2C, GPIO, USART, ...

The Microsoft I2C HID Miniport Driver hidi2c is Stopped.

The I2C Controller Service iaioi2c is Running OK.

The Intel(R) Serial IO I2C Controller Driver iaLPSSi_I2C is Stopped.

Under Device Manager, I have two instances of I2C Controller devices under System Devices:

Manufacturer: Intel Corp.

Beware of Possible Non-Revertible Upgrade to Windows 10 operating system

*** Beware of Possible Non-Revertible Upgrade to Windows 10 operating system ***

Read on the Web as much as you can about Microsoft's KB3035583 update.

This is what some people say on


Model Specific Error Code for MCE occurring on 06_3Ch DisplayFamily_DisplayModel


I got a BSOD due to a Machine Check Exception. The CPU is an i7 4790S.

1: kd> !cpuinfo 0
CP F/M/S Manufacturer MHz PRCB Signature MSR 8B Signature Features
0 6,60,3 GenuineIntel 3192 0000001700000000 21193ffe
Cached Update Signature 0000001700000000
Initial Update Signature 0000001700000000

Adapting legacy code

I have a program written in FORTRAN 90. It sets up a block of memory as an array with a parameterized dimension in the main routine. This area is set as an integer vector. It is partitioned by various indices when this memory block is passed to subroutines. In the called routine the memory areas passed as dummy arguments are given discrete names. Often these names are of different kind than the storage array in the main routine. When compiling this setup, I get the infamous error 6633 concerning type disagreement. How does one overcome this problem.

Sample code for using Prog_LED# and WDTO#

Intel® NUC Board D54250WYB tech product spec says: "Prog_LED#: general purpose signal output that indicates when an event was triggered by the operating system. Signal is amplified by a transistor. Intel can provide sample code for customers who may want to write their own applications leveraging this signal."

So where I can get this sample code for Windows? I am also interested to utilised WDTO#/GPIO as well.

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