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How to configure SNMP TRAPS

Hi All,

        I need your help to configure the SNMP traps configure.I am not sure i am posting the right place or not.

I am using intel S2600GZ server board and installed SNMP subagent version snmpsa-5.0.0-14.x86_64.rpm and i am running on the Suse linuux

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 (x86_64)


I am able to install snmpsa rpm successfully.

I would like to received the traps in another windows machine.For that I added below entried in the snmpd.conf file

rwcommunity  public

DVFS for atom D2000 processor

This is my first exposure to DVFS and I would like to be clarified on a few points

The data sheet for the processor says that it supports lots of P-states. 

It also says that

Frequency selection is software controlled by writing to processor MSRs. The voltage is optimized based on the selected frequency:

My questions are

Is it possible to independently set the voltage/frequency and if so how and to which register do we write to?

What are values for various frequencies?





NAS Performance Toolkit links broken

I was trying to download the nas performance tool kit this morning, and to my amazment all the links seem to be broken on page http://www.intel.com/products/server/storage/NAS_Perf_Toolkit.htm . When Clicking on any of the downloads I get redirected to an Page not found , or inteldz site. Does anyone have the download, or know of a link were I could get it?

INTEL IDE for intel assembly language

if my question does not belong this forum,sorry.

My question: Is there INTEL IDE for intel assembly language.i want to learn intel assembly language and do coding in assembly language in intel processor like x86/x64.so is there any DIRECT SOFTWARE LIKE IDE FROM INTEL to learn intel assembly language on intel processor.

thank u

IEEE 1588 / PTP and Win 7 support?

Is there ever going to be a Windows SDK available to use the IEEE 1588 / PTP features of some of your NIC chipsets?

I'm not asking for full integration.. I just want to be able to set and read the timer values, and setup the card as a master or slave.

I want to be able to use the timestamp for my own applications. I don't give a hoot what time window's thinks it is...


A Success Story of some software integration: Turbo Disaster, or When failure was Not an option...

Hello everybody,

My name is Sergey Kostrov. I'm an Intel Black Belt Software Developer and am Not an Intel employee. I'd like to share my experience ( a Success Story ) on how some very complex software integration was done a couple of years ago on the ScaLib project.

A new issue with IDZ web-site detected: On a Recent Posts web-page number of replies is Not set to 0 when a new thread created

Is it a new feature or a new bug? On my Recent Posts web-page http://software.intel.com/user/353909/track number of Replies for a new thread:

Android 4.3's New 'Always-On' Wi-Fi Feature Buried in Settings ( http://software.intel.com/en-us/forums/topic/419386 )

is Not displayed and I think it needs to be set to 0 since nobody replied yet.


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