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'cpuid' output and software licensing question

I am trying to use 'cpuid' instruction to get a unique number so I can use it for generating a license number for my application. I would like to know if it is possible to do such a thing with CPU id or I have to use some other methods like MAC address of a NIC card ?
I have read articles on the net about possibilty of using cpu id, but on the other hand some say that since it has privacy issues, Intel has dropeed embedding an id on its cpus
Any help regarding this matter is highly appreciated

Comment/Complaint re "Tired of Command Line"

Saw the headline as I logged into the site just now, and wanted to givethe Intel people reading thissome feedback. NO, I am not tired of the command-line environment. I want it! The fact that I can easily & simply do everything Iwant to do froma command line is, if not the primary reason I use Linux, at least one ofthe top two or three. I can do more work in a given time from the command line, with far less aggravation.

Training/ e-Learning Information required

I am a Microsoft/Oracle software developer. I am want to expand my skils in wireless connectivity, radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and embedded Web services. Are there any one offering on-line training / e-learning on this technologies? All helpful information on this will be appreciated.

Kernel Registers in IPF

The Itanium Architecture for Software Developers talks about the Kernel Registers. It states:

The eight kernel registers, labeled Kr0 through Kr7, are used to convey information from the operating system to the application program. For instance, the operating system can put read-only, semi-static information such as processor ID into one of the Kernel registers.

How to avoid cache fill on write miss?

I'm developing a realtime video processing system on a dual Pentium 4 Xeon platform. I'm running into memory bandwidth limitations, and would like to know if there's any solution to poor cached write performance. Basically, in processing a stream of video, I'm producing and using lots of intermediate results, referencing & updating a model, and outputting some small amount of metadata.

This forum software messes my posts?

What the heck is wrong with this forum software!!!!!!!!

This crap is messing with my messages. It changed the word " d_a_m_n "into that stupid "biatch" thing.


Somebody else needs to try this...

Post a message with theword " d_a_m_n "in it, and omit the underscores.

See what actually gets posted?!?

I will type the word d_a_m_n without any under scores right here
This forum software messes my posts?


If the word biatch is printed above this line, then you site has to be fixed!


I realy liked the rdram boards but this technology stoped

I know rdram technology is very fast. Im using rdram board 800mhz board and rams and Im loving it. I wanna buy nice new technology but i cant.I wanna find 1200mhz rdram board and i gonna put some 1200mhz rams :) OF course I want sata hardisk on that computer also 8x agp port should be in the board.these are the lastest technology but can you find a board for this nope :( . well I thing i gonna buy slow ddram no choice. the other boards dont have 8agp sata support with rdram :(

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Help! Reboots after "OR AL,1 MOV CR0, EAX" on some computers.

Hi. I need some help. I think you'll be interested. I develop a little OS
that will boot from floppy. It's still under construction and has about
five thousand lines of assembly source now. I use Bochs emulator to debug
it and after that I test it on my real computer. I have all working
correctly on my compter. But I started to test it around other machines
recently and encountered a problem I can't solve. I can't figure out what
happens because on my computer I get all things well, but I can't conduct
test of this kind on other computers.

MSW IE causes 100% CPU Freeze

When the HT is enabled on my dell 8300, when navigating the net the cpu surges to 100% and freezes the system. When HT is disabled it is ok. I have run all virus, adware, hijack - programms, reinstalled to op system, removed non essential software and ran from th os alone, yet it persists.

Has anyone out there had similar on a 3.4 proc ??


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