How to run Media SDK samples on Skylake

In the last few days, we have seen lot of concern for using Intel® INDE - Media SDK Client on 6th generation Intel® Core™ processors (codename Skylake) from the customers. We wanted to explain that we have not made any official release to support Skylake, however one can still install the latest Media SDK Client package( and use it on 6th generation Intel Core processor and below are the steps which shows how one can run basic encode/decode test to start with -

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Best approach to use the Media Server Studio SDK in my application (II) ?

Hi, I'd like to ask a follow-up question to my earlier question: "Best approach to use the Media Server Studio SDK in my application ?"  I have this new question after I experimented with the Media Server Studio SDK a little, and after I heard about the VA API.

can decoder handle noisy or skipped frames?


I am trying to run decoder for the live streams. When i demux streams and isolate video stream, I just push it to Intel decoder. Under normal conditions, it Works well. However, decoder enter an unwanted state when i get an noisy or skipped frame from demuxer.

I tried to follow problem. In my case; when i get an abnormal packed frame from demuxer, Decoder generates  a noisy image. This is normal. But i espect that decoder can clean up this situation after any idr frame or key frame. In my trials, Intel decoder can not handle this abnormallity.

Media for Mobile RTMP authentication for Android camera stream to server

We are evaluating the INDE Media for Mobile encoder for a new Android app we are developing. The app streams live from the phone camera to a server. I would like to know if there is a way to use authentication between the camera streaming sample app which I believe uses RTMP streaming and a server (WOWZA in particular).

Best approach to use the Media Server Studio SDK in my application ?

Hi, I have some application software that I am trying to optimize its performance by utilizing the Media Server Studio SDK. I have some big-picture questions regarding how to approach this project.

First, a short explanation of my software. It's a video surveillance program. It monitors multiple channels. Each channel runs in its own thread, and takes an H.264 bitstream as input, so an H.264 decoder is needed for each channel.

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