NAL generated for IDR frames are not conform the h264 standard

When the h264 encoder generates a keyframe, it is observed that the "nal_ref_idc" field is 0 for all nal's of that frame. Also for the IDR NAL. Somehow this is not giving issues when streaming via rtsp, but when recording it as transport stream (.ts) files the video is unbearable to watch due to missing reference picture.

Now I have to manually set the "nal_ref_idc" field when the encoding is done. Please adjust the encoder to comply to the standard.

According to the standard:

Non-monotonous DecodeTimeStamp

Hi all,

Sorry, I don't know how to report this issue to ffmpeg.

I used ffmpeg-2.8.3 to do live transcode, command line is blow:

./ffmpeg -i rtmp:// -vcodec h264_qsv -profile:v high -preset 4 -b:v 6000k -bf 3 -refs 2 -acodec copy -f flv -y rtmp://

But at some point, after the MFXVideoCORE_SyncOperation() calls, the DecodeTimeStamp is Non-monotonous.


centos 7.1 3.10.0-


Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770R CPU @ 3.20GHz

Difference in h264 stream generated by IMSDK HW encoder and SW encoder


I am using sample_encode (version application as reference and generating h264 stream by using HW encoder and SW encoder both. My source code, encoder parameters and test machine (win 8.1) all are same in both the cases. I am using another test machine which is running on Linux and having a h264 HW decoder using GStreamer framework and VAAPI, for decoding those encoded streams.

100% gpu&cpu usage on ~3 HD streams


I am trying to evaluate gpu usage on live video with multiple streams (6 HD 1920x1080).

I suuccessfuly done that, but saw that gpu and cpu usage is 100%, so I started a step backwords, and checked media sdk with multiple files (instead of live video), but even than I get 100% gpu and cpu usage.

I used script which runs encode_sample_drm 5 times, each time on different input file and got 100% cpu usage, and 100% gpu usage:

RGB32->NV12 conversion issue using video memory on Microsoft Surface


I build a custom app, containing VPP+Encoder pipeline for converting RGB32 frames into NV12 first and then encoding these NV12 frames into h264. I developed this app using media SDK and sample version I am running this custom app on a Microsoft surface Pro 3 device which has Windows8.1 OS, Intel HD Graphics 4200 and driver version Sys analyzer log and intel processor identification utility's output (for graphics card confirmation) is also attached for further details.

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