FFMPEG freeze when QSV encoding used


FFMPEG randomly freezes if QSV is used for 1920x1080p encoding, it works fine for 720p. If I run the same command in 10 iterations or so, it freezes at particular iteration. Sometimes it may freeze at first iteration.

At the point of freeze, the value of  "sync" LSB value kept on increasing, for example 0x1001, 0x1402  , and 0x1803  . It seems the MSB increment is expected. Does anyone help to interpret these values?

MFXVideoENCODE_EncodeFrameAsync(q->session, NULL, surf, bs, &sync);



Last few frames are dropped while decode with intel H264_qsv decoder

Dear Anna B,

I tried to install MSS SDK on HSW system , right now i can able to triggered HW accelerators (h264_qsv decoder),

I am trying to compare decoding outputs with qsv decoder and without qsv decoder (default decoder )those two outputs are not matched..

commands used are as follows..

1) with qsv : ./ffmpeg -vcodec h264_qsv -r 30 -i input.264 -pix_fmt yuv420p output_qsv.yuv

2) with out qsv : ./ffmpeg -i input.264 output_x264.yuv ( default decoder )

these output_qsv.yuv and output_x264.yuv files are not matched..

VPP - Composition - Windows


I am trying to use sample_vpp.exe provided. with following param file. It gives error "Return on error: error code 1,  src\sample_vpp.cpp      380". I tried to put some prints inside sample code and SyncOperation is failing with error code of -17 (MFX_ERR_DEVICE_FAILED               = -17,  /* device operation failure */). Is RGBA as second surface supported on Windows. I am having API version 1.16 hw and 1.17 sw. Also if Pixel level alpha supported on this platform and API.

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