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Bizzarre graphics abnormality with certain games. (G41 Express Chipset)

This makes for the 6th forum I've posted on regarding this. (most on the specific game forums) No one else has ever seen the problem, and no one else knows what to do about it.
The other forums are pointing fingers at the graphics card, so here I am.

I'm desperate. I used to play these games all the time on a older machine, and now they don't work on my newer computer.
If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this, I would greatly, GREATLY appreciate it.

What goes wrong is how the games display, which is apparent in the screenshots.

Here's a few examples.

OpenGL Extensions question

Our graphics programm is based on OpenGL, so I have two questions regarding extensions.1) I've read that ARB_separate_shader_objects or EXT_separate_shader_objects and NV_conditional_render are not exposed in OpenGL GMA Drivers. Any plans to support them in near future?2) What is the full list of OpenGL extensions that is supported by the last drivers?Thanks!

While debugging in 64bit have 0=0+1 (error in incrementing)

While debugging in 64bit I have error in incrementing, i.e. I=I+1 gives for initialized I=0:0=0+1 (error in incrementing). This error pops up sometimes in different places for different runs. In 32 bit we did not experience this problem. Does anyone has any idea what is going on?

Custom Resolution Increase... HOW?

I have Lenovo IdeaPad S10e and Display1_DownScalingSupported from 0 to 1 doesn't work.
The famous modded driver works, but the screen becomes horizontally stretched as expected, because the aspect ratio is different: originally 1024x576 - ratio 1.78 (1024:576=1.78) while 1024768 px and 1152864 have very different ratio.
SO: how to modify the driver so that to change the max resolution, for example, to 1152x648 or 1366x768 ???
I tried everything with DTD Calculator, PowerStrip, etc. without any success!

Monitor Displaying No Signal while i connect cable to my motherboard but with my graphic card its working fine?

Hi iam using intel D102GGC2 original and dual core processor, I been using nvidia 8400gs 512mb graphic card. to day i removed graphic card and i have connected monitor cable to my mother board directly but i didn't get display and it is showing no signal ? after i have inserted graphic card and connected cable its working fine what is the reason for on board display not working?

Analysing Various Parameters of the GPU without using the available tools.

I am trying to analyse the Intel GPU parameters and want to avoid using an already available tool.
I intend to write a C/C++ code for the same using the already available Windows API's.
I tried searching for the already available API's that Windows 7 supports, but my efforts have not borne fruit so far. Any help/advice is highly appreciated.

Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD. Some Question

Hello Everyone .... I just learn my mmm Chipset/Graphic card*Really i cant see the difference* was having this technologyIntel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD .. But im not really sure if it does got it.Chipset/Graphic: Mobile Intel 45 Express Chipset Family (Microsoft corporation - WDDM 1.1)Does this chipset got the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator or not ?If it does got it ? What does it mean ? If i add more ram into my labtop i will be able to run game with some higher graphic ? Or would not do any change ?My Labtop actually can support 4GB of Ram ... I got only 2GB of ram actually ?

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