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Programmable Resolutions in X3000 (G965)?

I heard that the resolutions in the new X3000 are programmable, but how programmable? Nvidia cards allow pixel-independant resolutions on DVI (but not VGA) on 6 and 7 series, and DVI and VGA on ATI's X1k series. Most importantly, will it support 1366x768. Not 1360x768 and not 1368x768, but exactly 1366x768?

Where are more details on ADD2 cards for G965 chipset besides

Where are more details on ADD2 cards for G965 chipset besides this below.

Getting HDMI and/or DVI would be a great selling point if you could find out where there is more info. I cannot find anything at

For ClearVideo / ADD2 cards - where do youbuy them ?

Consumers are asking how to get Digital Out on Core 2 boxes with Intel mobo.

Intel i810 graphics card - sda and scl line offsets?


Presently i am working on MacOSX Tiger version, in which i am making a driver to support my application. I am exactly wanting to know about the offsets for thesda and SCL line in i2c communication for this particular graphics card, because my communication with the card isfailing due to the offset mismatch.

1920x1080p with the GMA900 (915)

I have a Dell Optiplex SX280 with integrated GMA900 graphics (915). I am trying to drive an LCD TV (tried two different ones) at the native 1920x1080p resolution.

Unfortunately it is not an available choice, contrary to the White Papers on the GMA900 that list HD resolutions as supported.

All I get is 1600x1200 and 1920x1200, which both work fine. If it can do 1920x1200, then surely 1920x1080 would work!

I've tried both XP and Vista -- neither offer 1920x1080 as a resolution.

Any suggestions?

ialmrnt5 driver error

I am receiving an error.

Windows - Display Driver Stopped Responding.

The ialmrnt5 display driver has stopped working normally. Save yourwork and reboot the system to restore full display functionality. The next time you reboot the machine a dialog will be displayed giving you a chance to upload data about this failure to microsoft.

I tried downloading the most recent driver version from this site.

It's not working. Please help!


Unstable Pixel Clock (SOLVED)

[[ EDIT: Solved! It turns out that the Auto Image Adjust on my monitor is capable of reinterpreting the pixel clock to get the best possible image out of the analogue VGA connection (pretty smart design!). One of the test patterns I used to auto-adjust had some weird lines and patterns, which apparently confused the software. I found out when I did a factory reset of the monitor and saw that the pixel clock was correct; after Auto-Adjusting to the calibration pattern, it was off again. To correct, I merely readjusted to a different pattern, and problem solved. 17 AUG 2006 ]]

IEGD: External panel, Internal LVDS (SOLVED)

EDIT (14 Aug) -- I found the proper values for the DTD, everything works fine now [[ almost ]] :-D --

I'm working with the latest version of the IEGD (by means of the 82852/82855 GM/GME chipset, WinXP Pro) and one internal LVDS, and one external LCD panel driven through a VGA output on the board. I've enabled DisplayDetect and PortOrder, setting the external having priority before the internal LVDS, which is all fine and good.

82915G / Setting brightness of VGA signal


I'm a vision engineer.

For a project I use a computer with an Intel 82915G controller, integrated on the mother-board.

For technical matters, I had to set, by software,the level (brightness) of the VGA signal produced by the 82915G controller.

This is possible with the Control Panel (Display/Property/Graphic adapter/Colors ...), so I think it should be accessible from my software (written in Microsoft C++).

Do you know a simple access, from software, to that specific VGA controller setting ?

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