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Intel GPA with java and OpenGL

I figured it would be possible to use the Intel GPA along with the Graphics Frame Analyser for OpenGL to analyse an application built using a Java OpenGL wrapper like JOGL given it's usage with android but It wouldn't attach to it. Is this going to be something that is supported in future versions? Because I find it surprising that AMD's CodeXL allows me to use it and rather well with it's OpenGL metrics, but I would much prefer access to the extensive set of metrics the Intel version would bring to my Intel GPU.

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Frame Analyzer Stalling/Crashing

When I try to analyse a frame the analyser initially looks like it's loading ok but then spends forever in the "calculating" state in the frame display area. There is a green bar in the bottom right that gets to about 80% and then just stays there. If I then try to load a different frame or close the analyser it freezes and I can't kill it even with the control panel.

This is with the following version: Graphics Monitor 2015 R1 (15.1.244099)



In earlier versions (was called Intel GPA) there was a directx profiling mode that could be set to "Detailed" and would show just about every D3D calls, not just the DrawXXX calls.

I see the option is still there (DXAPPMETRICS) is the XML config file, but it is not there in the UI. Changing the XML file doesnt seems to work.


Can it still be turned on?

Talking of earlier version, is it possible to get my hands on an earlier version (13.3 is what we had I think), that would work too.


Crash in graphics monitor on capture load

Hi there,

I've been trialing Graphics Frame Analyzer and so far have been having good results with it.
Normally, in order to make a capture I have to put our DX11 renderer into WARP mode and then perform the capture. (If I use the normal hardware renderer it'll crash our application - but that's workable)

Anyway today on performing my capture it worked just fine. When I load it in GFA the Graphics Monitor repeatedly crashes.

Announcement: GPA 2015 R1 Released!

Hi all,

The Graphics Performance Analyzers team is proud to announce a new version of GPA!

This version is available today via direct download and will also be available as part of the 2015 INDE Update 2!

This update includes new OpenGL-ES debugging and performance features, new OSX and Linux support, an easier download process and all applications are available for free.

Latest changes and guides:

CPU Usage discrepancy with Top


  I am using the Intel INDE Tools to check the CPU Usage of my app in Android. I have been using the Linux "top" command traditionally. There is some discrepancy between what top reports and what the Intel tool reports.

Could you tell me if the Intel tool also use the same method for measuring CPU Usage as top?



Announcement: New Public Release of GPA!

Hi all,

The Graphics Performance Analyzers team is proud to announce a new version (14.4.239427) of Graphics Performance Analyzers as part of the INDE 2015 Update 1.

See our product announcement page for a description of the latest GPA changes:

See the INDE page for download and purchase instructions:

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