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Frame capture fails with "Invalid Parameters"


I am having problems getting a frame capture with the version 2012 R3 (12.3.174307).

The HUD appears fine while the app is running but when I attempt a frame capture it says "Invalid Parameters" and "Capture Failed" underneath that. All of the tests (2x2 Texture, Simple Pixel Shader, etc) seem to work fine. Other applications seem to capture fine for me.

OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 64-bit

Video Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 580 (

Thank you in advance for any help.

Draw Calls

Using the R3 version of GPA, is it possible to trace and record in a file Draw Calls through time as the graphical application I am testing is executing? My test system uses a Core i7 model 920 and an AMD/ATI HD 6990 in CrossfireX mode.

Intel GPA cannot create frame capture file on Nvidia GTX460

I tried to analyze the rendering of Skyrim with intel GPA's frame
cpature(Ctrl+Shift+C),but i found it only worked in the starup menu,when
i entered the scene, it showed 'Unsupported D3DFORMAT: 0x5343564e', my
system is this:
OS:Win73 32bit
GPU:Nvidia GTX460

Error Log: [TAL][WIN pid=4084][ 90c] Unsupported D3DFORMAT: 0x5343564e

it was my first time to ues intel GPA ,does this tool work correctly with AIT or nvidia ' grapics card???

GPA 2012 R3: Trace file cannot be opened

I have recently installed GPA 2012 R3.
All worked fine untill when trying toread a gpa_trace using GPA Platform Analyzer i recive the following error :
"Cannot find file:
C:\\Program Files\\Intel\\GPA\\2012 R3\\media.gpa_trace
the file has been removed or deleted
Please navigate to the correct location of trace file."

although file does exits.
any ideas ?

Thank you.

need help interpreting GPA Platform Analyzer results

Recently I have started using Intel GPA platform analyzer to see the relation between the CPU and GPU task for my application.I am running this test on Windows 7 with a non-intel graphics card on a Intel Xeon CPUUnder the DX CPU, DX GPU tracks, I find that the CPU frames is many times ahead of the GPU frame.. almost 107 frames ahead..That seems abnormal.. Any ideas or is it because im using a non intel graphics card?

shimd3d crash

Hi,we have 2 serious issue with GPA (using R2012 R1 but we've been having them with previous versions also). Our main process creates satellite processes and it seems the CreateProcess call goes through GPA shim dll.1. If we don't have GPA running (ie: GPA monitor) it will sometime (not 100%) crash in the satellite process creation before our own code entry point.

GPA Monitor 4.2 crashes on launch

I'm trying to run GPA 4.2 on a Windows XP SP3 machine.After installation, when I try to launch the GPA Monitor application it closes with a dialog stating "An unexpected error occurred" and asking to save a crash report. The contents of the crash report are:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

Intel GPA Error Report - Please report this error at

An unexpected error occurred.

Internal error

Windows XP Professional, 32-bit DEP disabled

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