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Unable to capture dxcap replay / best way to capture a frame which will time out GPU

Hi there,

I have a frame which repeatedly causes a timeout of the graphics driver and I would like to find out why. If I run with the WARP renderer it will eventually complete the frame, but it will take several minutes. I would really like to be able to capture this frame in GPA and find which draw call is the dodgy one.

So my questions would be:
1) can I capture several seconds worth of frames (hopefully including my bad frame), so that I can replay the capture and find the faulting frame and then the draw call?

Frame analyzer: Different result on device, and when analyzing, how?

I'm trying to find a problem in our android integration using the Frame Analyzer.

The problem is a specific mesh not showing on screen when it is supposed to.

The weird thing is though, if I capture the frame with Frame Analyzer, and play it back, the mesh is visible and everything looks like it should!

Frame Analyzer - can't handle retina screen on OSX + multiple screen problem on OSX


I just tried the Frame Analyzer that came with the INDE sdk for android dev.

The analyzing part seems to work fine, but unfortunately there are issues with the resolution.

If I run it on my laptop screen (set at "more space" in display settings) the analyzer only shows on about 1/3 of the screen.

If I try run it on my external screen (a normal 1920x1080 screen) it only shows on 1/4 of the screen

It starts up covering the full screen, but as soon as I switch spaces back and forth, it shows on only part of the screen.

DirectX 9, vertex shader constants

I am looking at a series of ergs which set vertex shader constants, and I am not sure if GPA is displaying vertex shader constants correctly. For example, in the video below I am looking at 3 ergs in which the constant c7 is set to 0 in the Vertex Shader Constants tab though there is no SetVertexShaderConstantF that modifies that register. Am I missing something?

Intel GPA Issue

I was trying to analyse Deus Ex: Human Revolution using the Intel GPA 2015 application. When I ran it through the GPA, the .exe file was not recorded into the GPA analyser.

In-application, there is no HUD indicating GPA was running.

Furthermore, there was a file in place of files like .gpa_frame and .gpa_trace.

Instead, I got this file: DXHRDC_2015_09_20__23_17_06_719.gpa_trace-bad

I tested this with a few other games. I got this in return:

- BioShockInfinite_2015_09_24__11_11_19_418.gpa_trace-bad

Windows 10 Media Metrics issues with latest GPA 2015 R3

Hello again.

I write to a new topic, because the topic of the new GPA release is locked so I can't reply there.

I've tried once again your GPA product latest release of 2015 R3 and I found out some old (not fixed) and some new issues.

New issues:

1) I think it's the first time that Intel copies the behavior of Microsoft latest Windows 10 OS and makes user to agree to send data to Intel while using GPA product.

WHY ? Why do I have to agree to send you ANY data regarding my usage of your product in order to use it ?

GPA 2014 R2 Crashes in Frame Analyzer with "GMQueryManager - SubscribeMetric unsuccessful" error

Hello all,

Intel GPA 2014 R2 has started recently to crash consistently when I am trying to analyse a captured frame with Frame Analyzer. The game is using DX9 and the crash report looks like that:

GPA: Can it be used stand-alone or with previous versions of MS Visual Studio?


We would like to test and analyze a DirectX 9 project using current Intel GPA.

The problem is that the project was developed with MS Visual Studio 2008, and we are having some troubles migrating the project to newer Visual Studio versions.

Will we still be able to install and use GPA? Or just simply INDE will not install and therefore GPA will not be available? Is there an standalone version of GPA as there was before?

Many thanks for your answers,

Manuel Perez de Lema Lopez

MPL3D Team


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