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intel AMT vPro KVM is working superbly, except in sleep-to-wake cycle

Hi All, i'm not yet developing into AMT, but just playing around AMT configuration of my simple system.i have these working properly now:

home PC --> router --> ADSL modem --> physical phone line --> internet <--office network <-- office PC

Intel(R) Management Engine Interface driver issue


I am using 'Win32_PNPSignedDriver' WMI class (Windows Management Instrumentation) for retrieving information from Device manager.

In that list "Intel(R) Management Engine Interface" driver information like (DeviceName, DriverVersion, Signer, Issigned) looks empty. But I can able to see the same information in device manager through manual.

This issue happening in version and until 9.*.*.*, but this issue was fixed in the latest version

[powerOn Password] Automatically send from Linux management to vPro system

Hi all,

We're sorry to have inconvenienced you. We posted some thread. We don't spam. We want clarify information about my application again. 


We have run into a problem while trying to create an application that can turn on the Intel vPro PC (Windows OS) from another PC (Linux). In detail:

1. Requirement

Provisioning of new Clients


We're replacing our laptop clients with a new model from HP (EliteBook 1040-G1). In total we're going to deploy more than 2500 new clients. The clients provides AMT functionalities, however, we don't want to use it and also the user should not be able to activate it. Therefore, we would like to set a strong password instead of using the default password. Is there a way to change the default password automatically during the staging/provisioning process without manual interaction?

Kind regards,



ByPass the BIOS password from Linux management to Window system

>Hi all.

I want to describe information about my application on Linux management:

Purpose: I want to bypass the BIOS password from Linux system to Window system. Following functional:

 1. Check power State of vPro system:

     + Reference url (

Problem with program's vPro technology via AMT_Implementation_and_Reference_Guide

Hi everyone,

I have been research about small project.


- Power On a computer using Intel vPro chip through LAN. My program at Linux platform remote to computer using vPro chip through LAN. I'm using      'AMT_Implementation_and_Reference_Guide'.

 and I implemented 'Change Power State' computer using vPro chip.It's ok.

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