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6300ESB watchdog header (iwdtlib.h)


I'm trying to write some code to utilize the 6300ESB watchdog driver (iwdtlib.sys & iwdtlib.dll) under Windows. The API doc mentions the header file iwdt.h and there is another mentioned in a separate doc with the name iwdtlib.h

I cannot find either header file. Can you please direct me to where I might locate them?

brent bartson

CoolApps: The GIS future is here

CoolApps thus is making inroads into the public domain every
day, for the palpability of its GIS apps. Just by touching an on-screen map on
a mobile or a PC, you can avail of a host of facilities like reporting
accidents, potholes, or other civic issues, or searching the right school in
your locality or tracking events in your town, or getting election results of
your precinct and other election related info like driving directions to
polling places, nearest metro stations or bus stops.

Building a Mobile device from scratch?

What do i need to build a mobile device from scratch....a mobile device similar to Ipod touch, touchscreen,
8GB of space or less.
Im a new mobile developer looking for a project.

I have a couple of question:

1Q: Do a Mobile device(such as a ipod touch) need a graphic card?

2Q: Whatsis agood processor best to use for a mobile device?

And it willhave touch screens capabilities(no buttons) so any kind of help, will help LOl thank you in advance.

Registry issue

I've been playing this online game for a year but apparently they updated something related to graphics.. because process monitor program show me several errors related to my graphic which is:
Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Chipset Family
so when i run the game, i get this errors after 5 to 10 minutes:
those registry keys are not found:
HKCU\\Software\\Intel\\Display\\igfxcui\\3D\\SRO_Client.exe NOT FOUND
HKLM\\Software\\Intel\\Intel Graphics Accelerator\\D3d Not found


Hi, i downloaded the lastest driver for windows xp sp3 (and Windows 7 64 bits on another partition),and in the zip file is one file to upgrade the Bios of the GM965 (x3100).
I try to open the file crl_1668.exe in DOS and Windows, but nothing happen. there is 2 other files called crl_1668.dat and crl_1668.bsf.
Can anyboddy give me a tutorial or software to upgrade the bios of mi intel gm695???.Actual bios is 1566.0Sorry for my bad english

What is the best programming language for mobile apps?

mainly want to develop Blackberry apps, but I would like to learn a
language that is compatible with as many phone platforms as possible.

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