Mobile Software Development

What is the best programming language for mobile apps?

mainly want to develop Blackberry apps, but I would like to learn a
language that is compatible with as many phone platforms as possible.

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Where is a Moorestown mobile phone?

Why doesnt someone make a Moorestown phone with a nice 4.3 inch AMOLED display, 1 G of ram and a slimmed down but working Windows 7 installed on a chip or even Windows 98SE would be fine on. That would be a beautiful phone/computer. Wintel based stuff will beat anything on the market today. Get anyone to make it, Samsung, LG, HTC or DELL, who cares just put one together and just see how many phones sell. Does anyone know when or where I can purchase one?

Client Smart Card authentication with 802.1X and PEAP on Windows XP Media Center


I'm trying to use a smartcard to authenticate a person on a Wi-Fi 802.1X authentication using PEAP. The smartcard is the Portuguese Identity Card, that was developed for supporting SSL client side authentication. However, when I use the Intel ProSet Wi-Fi tool, it does not recognise the existence of suitable smartcard for client side authentication. The root CAs provided by the RADIUS server include the root CA of the smartcard's certificates, which is GTE CyberTrust Global Root.

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