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Client Smart Card authentication with 802.1X and PEAP on Windows XP Media Center


I'm trying to use a smartcard to authenticate a person on a Wi-Fi 802.1X authentication using PEAP. The smartcard is the Portuguese Identity Card, that was developed for supporting SSL client side authentication. However, when I use the Intel ProSet Wi-Fi tool, it does not recognise the existence of suitable smartcard for client side authentication. The root CAs provided by the RADIUS server include the root CA of the smartcard's certificates, which is GTE CyberTrust Global Root.

Programmatic way to compare processors


First of all, I apologize for asking this question in this forum. I'm aware the question is unrelated to the forum's purposes, but I just wasn't able to find another place to post it to. Feel free to move it around to wherever it best fits.

So, the question...

I am developing a program in C# using .NET 3.5 for checking if a computer has the minimum requirements for running a given installation. The main problem I am facing is regarding how to compare the current system CPU against the minimum requirements.

Cab file making

Hi, I am developing a simple Audit Toolusing VisStudio2008 and C#. I would like a little help making a Cab file for a Mobile Device (Hp PDA model IPAC 211- OS Win6 and .Net CF 2.0). I would like to discuss or get help links from someone who has wrote code specific to my target device... I work@ Intel in Hillsboro,OR. thanks in advance for any help... ken

Intel Performance Power Monitor Plug-in for Google Desktop 64bit compatible?

Hi, I'm running win7 pro 64bit and I can't seem to get the plugin to work on google desktop. I've tried installing the x86 visual c++ 2005 runtime, and it didn't seem to have much effect with registering the dll. I also have visual studio 2008 installed, so I am assuming that came with some libraries as well.

Any suggestions?

Voltage and frequency steps for intel quad core processors

i need the information about the multiple operating frequencies and corresponding voltages that a quad core processor Q9100 or any processor of this series support,i studied all data sheets , but i could not find explicitly this information , can any help me in this regard

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