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Voltage and frequency steps for intel quad core processors

i need the information about the multiple operating frequencies and corresponding voltages that a quad core processor Q9100 or any processor of this series support,i studied all data sheets , but i could not find explicitly this information , can any help me in this regard

Developing software for small devices (mp3 players, car audio stereo)

I'm looking for resouce on how develop programs for portable mp3 players, car audio stereos. I have bought a lot of stuff from several manufactures and none of them provide a car stereo player with an efficient search mechanism. I have to go one by one to get to the song i want to listen to.

USB Data Cable causing system shut down. Why.

I recently purchased a USB Data Cable to transfer music from Verizon/Rhapsody to my PC and to sync with my LG VX8360.

I use Windows XP. Pentium IV. I update my system on a daily bases using Microsoft Windows Update. I have an Intel USB 2.0. My system is 3+ years old.

When I plug the USB Cable into my VX8360 my PC System stops and shows a blue screen stating the system shut down to insure no damage is done to the system.

Can anyone give me suggestions on what I need to do to correct this issue.

PS: Could it be I ned an updated USB Driver??

How to disable warning: "command line options do not match those used when precompiled header"


I'm using the Intel Compiler 2.0 developing for Windows CE,using Embedded Visual C++ 4.0 as my IDE. I keep getting this warning:
Warning #672: the command line options do not match those used when precompiled header file "xxxx.pchi" was created
This software has been in use for years and the warning is not important/totally useless. I just want to disable or ignore it. It seems that #pragma warning (disable:672) does not work in this case. Does anyone know how I get rid of this darned warning?



I get this message. video card does not configure video overlay. When in full screen mode you will not have access to video control bar. This just happened while using espn360 never had problem before. Everything else works fine any suggestions? TY

Proset 4965agn bug?

Hi. I've downloaded the latest version of Intel's Proset wireless drivers (12.4.0) for Windows XP. It installed fine and my 4965agn network card is working, however for some reason the system tray icon does not respond to me toggling the hardware switch that enables/disables the wireless card. When I switch on, everything in the background comes on and my system auto connects to my usual AP, it's just the system tray icon which doesn't update at all, and I get no popup notifications either.

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