Intel® Concurrent Collections for C++

problem with the header file .h or .hpp

I use the Intel C++ compiler icpc, I have some problems with the following operations.

I made the compilation:

icpc -c matrix.cpp matrix.h 

I got the object file matrix.o

I then made the compilation:

icpc -c main.cpp matrix.h

I got the object file main.o

I try to make these two files together to make the executable file by the following operation:

icpc main.o matrix.o -o main

Problem Using Intel MPI with distributed CnC

I am using intel mpirun to run the distributed programs I observe the following strange behavior, I run a starpu distributed code on the cluster and it runs totally fine. I run a cnc distributed code I get infiniband errors. 

This command runs fine

mpirun -n 8 -ppn 1 -hostfile ~/hosts -genv I_MPI_DEBUG 5  ./dist_floyd_starpu.exe -n 10 -b 1 -starpu_dist

This command generates spew

mpirun -n 8 -ppn 1 -hostfile ~/hosts -genv I_MPI_DEBUG 5  -genv DIST_CNC=MPI ./dist_floyd_cnc.exe -n 10 -b 1 -cnc_dist

Installation/Execution problem

I'm hoping someone can help me out with this.  I'm sure it's a simple fix, but I can't for the life of me figure it out.  I'm using VS 2008, and my program builds just fine, but I'm not able to run it.  I suspect it has something to do with the program finding the right dll's, as it would previously throw an error explicitly naming them, but I've added these to the directory in which the executable lies to no avail.

CnC bug, collection_item.reset (with patch)


I am looking at CnC since yesterday, I really like it, and the fact that It permits to concentrate on the concept of parrallelism, instead of fighting with synchro all over the place, but It seems that the API 0.8 have a bug on the function mentionned, as it implements the item_collection.reset() function like this:

Announcing CnC-2012: The Fourth Annual Concurrent Collections Workshop


Call for Abstracts:

CnC-2012: The Fourth Annual Concurrent Collections Workshop

Dec. 6-7, 2012 at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign


Important Dates

Abstracts Accepted Until: Oct 1, 2012
Notification: Oct 8, 2012
Workshop: Dec 6-7, 2012


The annual Concurrent Collections (CnC) workshop

Version 0.8 available of Intel(R) Concurrent Collections for C++ (CnC)

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