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Performance of MTL login node

Newcomer to MTL here. My program runs fine on the Manycore Testing
Lab as long as it's singlethreaded. Whenever I enable multithreading the
performance gets worse on the same input. Starting more threads only
makes it slower.

At first I thought it was just poor design on my
part - too much contention for mutexes or something. However, now I'm
testing a program with NO synchronization between threads and
it's still happening. The performance is what one might expect from a single
core processor.

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Compilation problem with ICPC + OpenMP...


I am currently testing a parallel code on the MTL and I have some problems with ICPC+OpenMP compilation.

Note : the only command I launch on the MTL is "source /opt/intel/composerxe/bin/compilervars.shintel64" in order to compile with ICPC.

With GMP+OpenMP, I can compile my code without any problems. The makefile I use is this one :

Having trouble getting VNC to work

I am trying to remote into the login node using VNC (specifically Real VNC and Ultra VNC).I am using Putty for ssh tunneling.With Real VNC I get "read: connection reset by peer (10054)" after entering my password.With Ulra VNC I get "Write extract: Socket error while writing"I am using "L5901 localhost:5900" as my tunneling parameters for putty. My understanding is that this means that if I VNC into localhost:5901 I will get forwarded to 5900 on the login node.Are there any detailed instructions available for this.Thanks.

How to test these parameters

Hi, everyone
I want to collect the latency of hierarchy memory, would you please give me some advice about the testing sofware. I'm working on the Intel i3/i5/i7 processor; it seems that the Calibrator(0.9e) and Memory analyzer 3.8 didn't work well. They can't give thelatency of memory accessing, nor can work on the i series processors. Besides, how to measure the latency of L1I miss and branch misprediction?
Are there any other softwares or methods that can meet these requrements?
thanks a lot!
Best regards

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Measurements of bandwidth, latencies, and NUMA effects

As part of some other research I was doing (for the memory system of our parallel dialect of ML, Manticore), I gathered a bunch of information on the memory bandwidth and latencies on the MTL machines and a 48-core AMD machine using enhanced versions of the STREAM benchmark. It ended up not fitting into the paper, but I thought the results might be useful/interesting to people here:

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