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Inconsistency in the IPCC RFP

The RFP page for Intel Parallel computing centers has Dec 2nd has the deadline for submitting proposals:

while, the top-level academic program page has Dec 1st as the deadline:

Does anyone know if the deadline was extended by a day, or if it was a typo in either one of the pages?


how can solve fortran running error like '^K^@^@^@^A^@^@^@^@^@^@^@%^@^@^B'

Hello profs,

     I write a fortran script and compile it with intel fortran compiler. Then I run it and mostly it works so well. the functin of scripts is to read some strings from the files containing losts of lines.

     but when it read one of the piles of files, error reported 'forrtl: severe (64): input conversion error, unit -5, file Internal Formatted Read'.

     I checked the codes and find the issue attributed to the line ' read(string, '(f14.3)') xfloatn' (where, string set to character*16, xfloatn to real*8). 

Learning the ropes of intel processors!

Hello! My name is Matthew Gillen, I am 13 years of age, and I am still new to processors. I have a slight basic understanding of ghz and mhz, but that is it. I am looking into getting into MicroProcessor engineering. I would love to talk to someone and learn more, if so please leave some info on how i can contact you.

Thank you for reading!

Compiling MPICH 3.0.4 with intel's compilers

Hi everyone,

I'm have compiled mpich-3.0.4 using ifort and icc in ubuntu 12.04 fallowing this sequence:

export CC=icc
export CXX=icpc
export CPP='icc -E'
export CXXCPP='icpc -E'
export F77=ifort
export FC=ifort
export CFLAGS='-O3 -xHost -ip -no-prec-div -static-intel'
export CXXFLAGS='-O3 -xHost -ip -no-prec-div -static-intel'
export FFLAGS='-O3 -xHost -ip -no-prec-div -static-intel'

./configure --prefix=/usr/local


make install

Announcing new Security Projects for Academia

The Intel Academic Program announces new software projects for security coursework, labs and experiments. These tools support the Intel Security Curriculum Series and can be used in general aspects of security instruction. Peruse our first projects on the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Trusted Boot, Identity Protection and Digital Random Number Generator (DRNG) here on the Security tab:  

Looking for a speaker to talk about Intel's Software Development Products


My name is Eduardo Sanchez, a 4th year Ph.D. student in Computational Science at San Diego State University, in San Diego, California. As part of a proposed SIAM student chapter which I am currently organizing, I have come accross some extra budget, and my intention is to try to contact an Intel expert to come to San Diego (expenses on us), to talk about the potential for applicability of the current Intel Software Development products. for example, the MKL, Intel Silk Plus, OpenMP, and so forth.


Dear Form members

I have a fortran code I am using to integrate date using trapezium rule. The code I have written compiles properly and runs properly. I get the output from the code ,but it does not seem to be integrating the data i.e reading and perform some integration on it.The data is placed on an external file.I would appreciate your help.I have placed the code below:

implicit real*4(a-h,o-z)
integer n,ok
real a,b,h,gr,r
logical ex
!real,allocatable,dimension(:) ::gr, r


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