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Not able to generate authcode throws 404

I generated the authorization code by following the below thread

When I try to get the authcode, the api throws me 404.

Sample request:{myclientid}.

POST, doesn't like my JSON?

When POSTing to, I am getting weird errors.

If I set the Content-Type to application/json, I get Bad Request.  If not, I get "No JSON object could be decoded".

Other calls in the context API are working fine.

Multiple parsers tell me it's valid.  My JSON:

Unable to create new beta services account, or get password

I am having trouble getting a new beta services account set up.

It tells me my email address is not available.  OK, so perhaps I set up an account and forgot?  When I use the "lost password" feature with my email address, I get no email, and no indication why.

I have been using my Facebook account to log in, but it seems that some of the API calls require an Intel account, so I believe I need such an account to continue my evaluation.

Request an Authorization Code: /auth: Bad Request

When using the /auth API call, I consistently receive "Bad Request".  This happens when pasting the URL provided at (with substitutions) directly into my web browser, or when sending it from a .NET test app.

Here's the exact URL I'm using (client_id masked):

Broken Hyperlink -- Request an Authorization Code: /auth - Generate State

I am following Intel's  Identifying Users With Intel Identity Services instructions and having trouble with Step #2 (Request an Authorization Code: /auth)  generating the user state.  The hyperlink pointing to state generation instructions appears to be broken.  

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