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vectorization of short array constructor

forall(i=1:n/2) a(i*2-1:i*2)= b(i)+ [c(i),e(i)] *d(i)

generates efficiently vectorized code with current gfortran, but ifort says there is a dependency which prevents vectorization, regardless of application of directives etc.

Needless to say, more practical examples are more complicated than this, but they seem to encounter the same problem.

In general, one might be more interested in having this work with DO CONCURRENT, if not with original DO, but it seems there is no difference here among them.

OpenMP: initialize Threadprivate

Dear folks,
let's suppose to have this FORTRAN module:

MODULE MyUtility



INTEGER :: i1, i2, i3, i3

REAL*8 :: r1,r2,r3


SUBROUTINE work(x,y)

REAL*8 :: x,y

REAL*8, SAVE :: a

a = x*y

y = a*x




And let's suppose that, before parallelizing the code:

  • Each global variable is initialized before the parallel job

    They are independent inside the job

Namelist problem


I use the namelist to save the data to a file. If some variables in the namelist change places or if a new variable is added to the namelist, there is no problem when data are reading from the file. But if even one variable is deleted from the namelist, so other variables in the namelist can not be read from the file any more.

How can i read the data from the file if one variable is deleted from the namelist?

Thank you in advance!

can decoder handle noisy or skipped frames?


I am trying to run decoder for the live streams. When i demux streams and isolate video stream, I just push it to Intel decoder. Under normal conditions, it Works well. However, decoder enter an unwanted state when i get an noisy or skipped frame from demuxer.

I tried to follow problem. In my case; when i get an abnormal packed frame from demuxer, Decoder generates  a noisy image. This is normal. But i espect that decoder can clean up this situation after any idr frame or key frame. In my trials, Intel decoder can not handle this abnormallity.

PARADISO Compile Error



I am trying to use PARADISO from the MKL library, however, I cannot compile my program because of the following C2059 syntax error '(' on Line 71 of mkl_paradiso.h


Has anyone else had this problem?

I am using VS2015, the same error occurs is ILP64 is on or off. I have an intel i7-4720HQ chip in a Razer Laptop, running windows 8.


compiling debug x64



Documentation of VTune database formats?

One of my colleagues is wondering whether the internal format of the databases used by VTune to hold performance data is documented anywhere.

The PerfExpert tool generally uses HPCToolkit to collect performance data, but in many cases the users already have some VTune data, so if the format is documented we could expand the analysis to include data from multiple sources.

(We are also looking forward to future systems for which we expect VTune to be available earlier than HPCToolkit....)

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