Intel® Perceptual Computing SDK (Archived)

My Camera shipped to wrong location might be a bug in system

Hi All, 

i received my camera shipment notification from FEDEX on 24th December. But in delivery address it is mentioned that it is shipping to Indonesia  Not India . 


Only first 3 lines of my address are correct . The last 3 lines changed to Some other city in Indonesia . Might be possible because of the bug . 


What can i do now?. My development is half done , and i am waiting for the camera to proceed further. 

Add a team member to Phase 2 email notifications

A friend and i submitted several ideas to the 2014 app challenge and have been accepted into phase 2. The problem is i'm the one getting email notifications from the contest, while my friend isn't. I've emailed, asking to add my friend to the mailing list of the phase, and got a reply of "Thank you for this information.". My friend is still not getting email notifications. Any idea how to solve this issue?

3D projection of depth image


I have some depth images that were captured with an Intel Creative depth sensor and I would like to convert these into 3D point clouds. How can I go about doing this? Beyond educated guesses I do not have access to the calibration parameters of the particular sensor that was used for capture, let alone the sensor itself. Applying a linear unprojection using a Kinect-like projection matrix does not seem to yield proper results (distortions/noise/nonlinearities, especially along the borders of the data).

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