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Dell Venue 8 7000 with RealSense

See the youtube link for hands on video on Dell Venue 8 7000 tablet with RealSense camera.

The one thing that interest me is.... did you realize it is an Android tablet?

Which means now RealSense camera and SDK works with Android?

When can you release a SDK for Intel SenZ or developer camera to work with Android?

I have USBOTG so the connector is not a problem.


Haswell NUC (250) device, $600 or $99?

The RealSense challenge page says contestants whose ideas are approved will be loaned a Haswell NUC (250) device for development purposes, "a $600" value:

Yet the pre-order page for the beta kit says $99 and the kit apparently includes a camera:

voice is not working

I'm wondering if there is a specific reason for a strange behaviour of a application of mine. I have coded a simple app, to explore the computer's file system, which accepts voice commands as input. I'm testing it on two different computers: on the first one it works, on the second one it doesn't.

Intel Realsense and Hardware Features Laptop

Hi there

My name is Josué Castañeda Tronco, I have doubts about the Hardware support for Intel RealSense. I want to participate in the "Intel Realsense App Challenge 2014" I want to know what are the must have of features the laptop to develop, in the "Intel RealSense SDK" and if I buy a laptop that model is recommended?

Also I want to know where I can download the "Intel RealSense SDK"?


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