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Reject -- Resubmit question.

The case: My app was rejected because of issues on my website (yes, they are checking your site too, if there is a link to the site within the app, which is good idea); I fixed the site. Ready to resubmit... But wait! There is no way to resubmit without uploading new binary. Why? There is no way to upload new binary without changing the version. Why? In that particular case there is no new binary. No new version. Just wasting my time: repack, change version, upload, betatest, re-submit to the validation queue. Why?

Priority to bug fixes ?

Hello, That's something I mentioned in one thread on the french forum, but I'll write it there too as I'm quite alone on the french part ;). Would it be possible (and better ?) to have a priority in the validations for the bug fixes ? I think that it would benefit both the developers and the Appup program to have such a priority to ensure the quality in the applications delivered to the final "customer" (user). That would also benefit the user itself, not to have a bug in a program he installed (or to have it fixed earlier).

My first App it's Failed Validation for error 2014

I've send my first software bvut it's have reiect. In to test the error is in the"ILU01 - Application must download and install from AppUpSM Center" and here see the message error: "The application installation is failed. Please download the application to try installing it again. Error Code: 2014". But in the "ILU03 - Application should launch on target device" the "Application Launch (Windows)" it's Passed!!!! This test it's found when launch the application! Into my computer and in other PC (XP and Win764) then .msi start withouth problem and error.

Submitting an app with a recent Linux browser

Hello, How to submit an app with a recent Linux browser ? I tried to submit an application using Firefox7.0.1 (with Moonlight to have Silverlight support) and it didn't work. Google Gears is compatible with Firefox 1.5-3.6 only. Do I really have to downgrade (if even possible to downgrade to such a low version) Firefox in order to submit an application ? Is there a solution to be able to finally submit something without buying Windows (better not submitting anything ;)) ? Best Regards. Arnaud

I'm an independent developer

Guys, I'm a program member and I'm new to the Intel AppUp Store. I've followed the instruction here:
to get a valid certificate file. After filling the form at, they sent me an e-mail and requested for: A. Articles of Incorporation (with address) B. Government Issued Business License (with address) C. Copy of a recent company bank statement (you may blacken out the Account Number) D. Copy of a recent company phone bill

Applying for certificate from comodo fails. "An error has occurred. -1"

Hello, I followed the link "Apply for code signing certificate" from the Dashboard, and unfortunately it didn't work. Applying for certificate from Comodo fails with: "An error has occurred. -1" This is after I filled in all of my details, and submitted. I sent an email to the email address but if anyone else knows of anything to get it working please let me know? cheers,

When is Price Changed displayed on App in Intel Appup store?

Changed application's price and received a "Your application has been successfully updated." msg, however the new price is not reflected on the app. When can I expect the new price to display? Attempted to submit for validation with a "Price Change only." msg in Validation Msg box. When clicked Submitting for Validation button received an "Application could not be submitted for validation" msg. Please provide the steps required to update the application's price. Thank you!

IsAuthorized() API call issue

Hi All, This is Kiran, we developed app for windows platform using Qt, later we integrated AppUp SDK before submission. We followed all the submission criteria. We followed the below link to add authorization code to our application. But it got rejected because of the following errors. 1. Windows 7 : Launch Error - Pop ups error message window -"The installation of Intel AppUp(SM) Center is Corrupted or not upto date. Please Download and reinstall the latest version of AppUp(SM) center".
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